Audit & Assurance Services

Identify and mitigate risk with our integrated audit, assurance, SOC, cybersecurity, data privacy and contract compliance services and more.
Audit & Assurance Services
Our Approach

What Are Audit and Assurance Services?

Audit and assurance services refer to the processes and procedures performed by professional firms to verify the accuracy of financial statements and the reliability of internal controls and other risk management activities.

The key benefits of professional audit and assurance services include:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Risk mitigation
  • Transparency to stakeholders
  • Peace of mind for your business
Financial Statement Services – Audit, Review and Compilation
Crucial for corporations, private businesses and nonprofits, an independent evaluation of your financial statements ensures adherence to accounting standards while building trust with your stakeholders.
Financial Statement Audit (OMB-Circular)
We can deliver a timely financial statement audit, private company audit, nonprofit audit or single audit (OMB Circular A-133) at a reasonable fee
Benefit Plan Audit
Our benefit plan audit experts work with a wide range of clients from medium sized to publicly traded companies

Internal Control Services

Examine your organization’s processes, systems and procedures to evaluate the effectiveness of your internal controls in safeguarding assets, ensuring accuracy of financial records and preventing fraud.

Internal Audit

Improve internal controls and manage risk with personalized analysis for your organization.

SOX Compliance

Gain a competitive edge with our innovative SOX compliance approach.

SOC 1 Attestation - Financial Reporting Controls

Grow your business and meet compliance needs with efficient, thorough Type 1 and Type 2 service organization controls (SOC) reports.

SOC 2+

Give your customers peace of mind with reports that validate your secure management of private client information.

SOC for Supply Chain – Risk Management Controls

Assess your vendors and implement supply chain partner controls through internal SOC standards that boost stakeholder confidence.

Fraud Risk Assessment

Evaluate potential fraud risks, review policies, develop management systems and implement training programs that prevent fraud.

ISO Certifications

Elevate security posture through ISO Certifications and show your proficiency in information security, data privacy and other key areas.

Third-Party Assurance & Vendor Risk Management

Ensure that your vendors or service providers meet your organization’s requirements to protect your assets, data and reputation.

Contract Compliance Services

Review contracts and improve your management processes to ensure adherence to contractual terms and conditions.

Royalty Audit

Conduct comprehensive royalty and licensing audits to ensure deserved royalties are received or recovered.

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Services

Implement measures to protect your computer systems, networks and data by incorporating frameworks such as NIST and CST. Our data privacy services focus on ensuring the proper handling of sensitive data, aligning with privacy regulations to keep your organization compliant.

Specialty Audits & Assurance Assessments
Benefit from customized evaluations that address your specific industry requirements and help you  comply with regulatory standards.
Person, Environment, Business Cycle Icon
Strengthen your adherence to environmental, social and governance practices
Monitor with Document and Graph Icon
Investigate your organization for financial irregularities or potential fraud
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Rein in project complexities while strengthening financial controls and mitigating risk
Audit & Assurance  Client Services
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Why Armanino for Audit & Assurance Services?

We focus on responsive and efficient audit services.

  • Direct insights
  • Competitive fees
  • Industry credibility
  • Innovative technology
Industry Knowledge
We Understand Your World – And Can Help You Thrive in It
Get insights from a wide range of professionals who know your sector’s challenges and best practices. Our national team of 1800+ experts has helped hundreds of business leaders like you excel in the following industries:

What To Expect

How Our Credibility Model Takes You Far Beyond Basic Compliance

Speed and Efficiency

Our breadth of expertise gives us the skills necessary to conduct external audits quickly and effectively with minimal disruption to your operations, no matter how complex your organization. Our staff is trained in the issues and business processes of your industry — they know what to look for and how to go about it with no wasted motion.

Hands-On Approach

Our partners and managers work onsite, taking a proactive approach to streamlining your audit and resolving any issues that arise. At every level of your organization, our people are equipped with robust tools and technologies to ensure a thorough and efficient audit process.

Competitive Pricing

Our evolved service model combines highly trained staff, sophisticated methodologies and the latest technology to offer audit services at fees that are highly competitive when compared to our Big 4 and national counterparts — with no sacrifice in resources, service or quality.

Specialized External Audit Services

Beyond traditional external audits, we offer a full range of audit services to address specific needs. Our review team can analyze your financial statements, provide all three types of SOC reports and conduct benefit plan audits.

Global Capabilities

Leverage efficient auditing services that meet international standards for your operations outside the U.S. If you need guidance on a global scale, our membership in Moore North America, which itself is a member of the Moore Global Network, allows us to seamlessly extend our full range of services and resources to over 100 countries. We provide access to top independent accounting firms in your key markets. But we don’t just introduce you — we coordinate the audits with other member firms to ensure consistent service across all your operations, both at home and abroad.

Third Party Assurance
Proven Expertise
Strategic Guidance Backed by Demonstrated Results

When you work with Armanino, you gain our team’s demonstrated proficiencies derived from decades of helping businesses like yours solve their unique challenges. Our accolades and certifications include:

Paul O'Grady - Audit | Armanino
Paul heads up the nonprofit practice group and also serves on the firm's Accounting Standards Technical Committee.

San Ramon, CA
Liam Collins - Partner, Audit - San Francisco CA | Armanino
Liam has more than 18 years of assurance and consulting experience, including 10 years with Big Four firms.

San Francisco, CA
Mike Boulton - Partner, Audit - San Jose CA | Armanino
Mike is a partner who provides assurance and technical accounting consulting services.

Irvine, CA
Audit & Assurance Insights
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