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The Mindset of Our People Is Our Differentiation

Armanino is never satisfied with the status quo. We are constantly looking at adding new ways and specialized expertise that will help us advance our client’s business.
What Makes Armanino Different
Applying Experience

The Stages We've Navigated

Businesses go through recognizable life stages, each with its own set of demands on the finance organization. Considering what happens in each phase is critical for your company’s evolution.

Through working with thousands of companies, we have learned and tailored solutions that will fit your needs and continue to refine and gain information that we apply to newer situations that arise.

Start Up

While in the start-up phase, you often don’t need or can’t yet afford a full-time finance department. We can provide all the finance functions on an outsourced basis so you can stay focused on your business.

Rapid Growth

As growth accelerates, your needs expand. Armanino can be a trusted advisor—whether we’re performing the CFO function or working in concert with your own CFO—providing services that become increasingly vital, the faster you grow. As the tax laws change, we can provide the expertise to help you adjust your tax strategy for maximum advantage.


As you continue down your path, investments need to be made in the business while keeping a close eye on your competition. Armanino can assist with process improvements for better efficiencies and technology enhancements for smoother integration and better performance. The environment still demands a more strategic tax plan and a more sophisticated team to help with multi-state and global audits.


When dealing with the myriad of complexities of expanding a mature company, going it alone seldom makes sense. There are simply too many aspects that involve expertise you are not likely to have in-house. That’s where Armanino can really help, particularly with M&A matters, technical outsourcing and the challenges of global expansion.


As with every other stage in the business life cycle, Armanino can provide the audit, as well as the tax and consulting services you need for a successful exit. We have a wide range of experience in virtually every form of exit strategy, and we can help you preserve, distribute, liquidate or otherwise dispose of the company’s assets in an orderly—and ultimately satisfying—manner.

What Stage Are You In?

The Model

CFO Evolution® Focuses on People, Processes and Technology

Streamline the accounting function, optimize the protector role and elevate business leadership activities; thereby, enhancing the value of the CFO organization.

The CFO Evolution framework was created to help organizations focus their time and energy on the areas that drive strategic value. Each of these core areas of responsibility requires a specific plan that includes goals, expected outcomes and required resources. The CFO Evolution provides a framework to migrate the CFO’s most limited resource—time—away from task-based activities to strategic leadership initiatives.

Our newest iteration, CFO Evolution 2.0, positions the CFO for a new transformational business model, one that requires the skills of an innovator and influencer to deal with the disruptive landscape. Armanino’s perspective can help finance leaders streamline their operations to achieve better accounting processes in less time—freeing the CFO to spend more time on the vital market disruptions impacting the organization’s strategy.

The Model

Redefine How Business is Conducted

The marketplace demands change. We understand that better than anyone. We continually look inward and measure and challenge our methodologies and approaches to ensure we are truly finding the best ways to problem solve in the diverse markets we serve.

We are in a perpetual state of listening and have the expertise and ability to respond and create unique offerings that can propel companies far beyond their competitors. That drive comes from our overall dedication to consistently deliver value to our clients. We do not rest on the tried and true; we create new or reinvent the old to define standards that others follow. We don't look back as much as we look forward, so you can always rely on us to help bring you the best and newest ways to anticipate marketplace disruption, find new ways of doing business, or anticipating what exists beyond the horizon.

Incubating New Ideas

In addition to reviewing and updating our current product offerings and responding to client needs, we are also diversifying our business through innovative methods. Our Ideaticians™ develop ideas and concepts as our dedicated team of expert innovators. To date, Ideaticians have brought several innovative offerings to life, including blockchain products, digital transformation (DataVue), artificial intelligence lab and financial performance measurements. Ideaticians work closely with our teams to create solutions that are unique to the marketplace, adding value and bringing a fresh approach to challenges for clients across industries.

Our Values

Making a Positive Impact on Your Business

We are made up of a diverse group of employees; however, we share a common vision of our firm’s purpose—to be the most innovative and entrepreneurial firm that makes a positive impact on the lives of our clients, our people and our communities.

Our people are fiercely committed to maintaining the entrepreneurial culture that continues to create opportunities for our employees to go further faster. Culture is more than free snacks in the breakroom (which we do have), it's about our people's interaction with one another, how we represent ourselves with our clients and how we make positive contributions to our communities.

Ultimately, it's our values that set us apart from others in our space, and what attracts that specialized mindset we seek to our firm. When you work at (not for) Armanino, you are part of a team that has a shared vision and the ability to boost each other up each and every day by utilizing each other's strengths to achieve whatever goal we set out to accomplish. Everyone at Armanino strives to be a little better than they were the day before, and that equals longevity and love for where you work. And in return, benefits the businesses in which our people are working for.