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The finance function is now a more integral part of any organization with expanded roles from CFO down to accountants.
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Finance Sets the Procedures and Guiding Principles for Organizations

Finance is the Backbone of Any Business

As a person responsible for corporate finance, you encompass many job responsibilities including allocating resources, creating budgets and forecasting, managing payments and receivables, running a robust back office and maintaining bookkeeping processes, providing accurate reporting, and reviewing opportunities for equity and debt financing as well as guiding most financial planning. Even if you're a small business without a large business finance department, you rely on these functions to operate appropriately and accurately throughout the company, whether using in-house resources or turning to outsourcing for a solution. Armanino exists to ensure your company maintains these important finance functions as well as acquire the strategies and skills necessary to propel you and your company forward.

If you're a Chief Financial Officer in a company, you have even more responsibility, but might be bogged down in the day-to-day and can never get to the strategic part of your job. The CFO Evolution® helps CFOs caught in the daily to streamline the finance function of their organization so they can begin to inherit the strategic leadership skills needed to help navigate their organizations through the current disruptive landscapes and operate at a higher level than their competitors.

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CFO Evolution - The Transformational CFO White Paper
White Paper
Spend More Time in the Leadership Role
Although built for the CFO, the CFO EvolutionĀ® 2.0 outlines the base for what many C-level executives face; getting out from under the functional roles and stepping more into leadership activities. Learning how to streamline your functional role will provide the time needed to properly plan and strategize what the future will look like for your business.
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