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How does a CFO become less of an accountant and more of a strategist?
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Growing companies often find themselves needing additional resources as they expand and change.

Our CFO Advisory Services team helps CFOs with critically important business enhancements and transactions. We bring a unique set of skills to each project including international expertise, reorganization experience, capital management and business process redesign.
Become an Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Business
Meet the social responsibility that is expected from your people, vendors, communities and business partners
Get Ready to Go Public
Gain a detailed roadmap of what you need to address to perfectly time your entry in the market as a public company.
Learn if a SPAC is Right for Your Business
What was done in 12-18 months for an IPO must now be done in 12-18 weeks. Complete your SPAC in under 12 weeks
Plan to Merge or Acquire a Company (or get acquired)
Looking to exit or acquire or invest in a company? Get a detailed work plan tailored to your specific situation
Liquidate, Sell or Wind Down a Business
When the unexpected happens, react by restructuring, liquidating, winding down, selling assets or managing bankruptcy
Outsource the Finance & Accounting Portion of the Business
Whether you’re suddenly short-handed or can’t scale your team to keep up with growth, solve it with outsourcing
Receive a Valuation for my Business
Determine your company’s value by analyzing financials, history, projections, comparable companies & transactions
Stock Option Accounting
Use the latest in software solutions and hands-on expertise to harness the complexities of stock option accounting
Learn More About Benefit Plans
Get more info on compensation strategies, administration, testing and participant distributions and plan loans
Maneuver the Complexities of Lease Accounting
Get a lease accounting gap assessment so your team can properly prepare for regulatory and compliance changes
Recognize Revenue
Address disparity between rev rec compliance today and where you need to be tomorrow with ASC 606 & IFRS 15
Magnifying Glass Search People
Allegations of fraud, misstated financials or compliance and ethics issues can be disruptive and costly for an organization. Turn your data into information that can bring more order to complex matters and identify fraudulent activities
CFO Evolution - The Transformational CFO White Paper
White Paper
Spend More Time in the Leadership Role (Instead of the Functional Role)
Although built for the CFO, the CFO Evolution® 2.0 outlines the base for what many C-level executives face, getting out from under the functional roles and stepping more into leadership activities. Learning how to streamline your functional role will provide the time needed to properly plan and strategize what the future will look like for your business.
Caroline Stovall - Partner, Consulting - Dallas, TX
Caroline leads the firm's CFO Advisory practice. She has over 25 years of domestic and international experience.

Dallas, TX
Dan Schoenleber headshot 1
Dan assists clients through mergers and acquisitions by leading due diligence and quality of earnings engagements.

St. Louis, MO
Tawny Schaffer, CFO Advisory Services, Armanino
Managing Director
Tawny is a financial leader with a background serving the health care, insurance, and technology industries.

Dallas, TX
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