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The executive role is complicated, as it can be split between functional and leadership roles that can be somewhat tricky to balance. The functional role plays an important part at this level, as it provides the essential elements within every business, and one that you, as an executive, more than likely specialized in at one point or another in your career. The challenge is to strike the balance between using your specialist skill as a strength and allocating enough time and effort to the leadership role to ensure you are propelling your business forward.

Excelling in the leadership role brings about many benefits, as it is future looking and concerned with myriad of higher-level impacts including setting the strategy for the business, building relationships, and developing alliances and partnerships with stakeholders, not just customers. While customers are vital, leaders must also consider building positive alliances with other stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, financiers, shareholders, business associates and the community.

CFO Evolution - The Transformational CFO White Paper
White Paper
Spend More Time in the Leadership Role
Although built for the CFO, the CFO EvolutionĀ® 2.0 outlines the base for what many C-level executives face; getting out from under the functional roles and stepping more into leadership activities. Learning how to streamline your functional role will provide the time needed to properly plan and strategize what the future will look like for your business.
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