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Accelerate growth and prepare for change with leading accounting, finance, human capital management and analytics systems.
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Transformational Partnership
Evolve Your Business Strategy and Processes With Workday

A cloud-based software platform for your human capital management, finance and enterprise planning solutions, Workday helps you achieve business goals today and nimbly adapt to future demands.

Get support from a trusted Workday Services partner to deploy a solution that addresses your pressing business challenges and seamlessly integrates with your existing processes. Realize the maximum value from your Workday investment:

Get Everything in One Place
Get Everything in One Place
Consolidate finance, accounting, HR, analytics and more into one integrated platform
Streamline & Refine Processes
Streamline & Refine Processes
Simplify workflows and eliminate manual tasks to save time and minimize errors
Make Faster, More Informed Decisions
Make Faster, More Informed Decisions
Access real-time data insights and intuitive automations to move forward faster
Drive Sustainable Growth
Drive Sustainable Growth
Pave an attainable path forward and plan for tomorrow
Get Full Value From Your Technology
Get Full Value From Your Technology
Unlock your software’s full potential
Help Your People Meet Their Full Potential
Help Your People Meet Their Full Potential
Inspire and engage your workforce with instant access to important actions
Is Outdated Software Holding You Back?
Feeling Left Behind?
Don’t Let Outdated Software Hold You Back

As a business leader looking to modernize your software platforms, you likely face many tough challenges, including:

  • Difficulty scaling
  • Outgrowing current systems
  • Battling manual processes
  • Taking too long to close the books
  • Underutilizing current software investments

We Can Help

Together, We Can Transform Your Technology to Propel Your Business Forward

Selecting and implementing software can be challenging and overwhelming. But you don’t have to navigate this journey alone.

As a Workday Services partner, we have extensive industry and finance expertise to help you build and execute a strategy for success. We’re by your side from start to finish – taking your plans from inception to deployment and continuous optimization. Together, we can choose and implement the scalable Workday solution that caters to your unique needs:

Find Your Fit

Solutions for Every Growth Stage

We can help you find a state-of-art software solution that meets your shifting needs, no matter what stage you’re at in your business lifecycle.
Solutions for Every Growth Stage

Continue Your Journey

Take Your Workday Software to New Heights

Optimize your existing Workday software to get the most value from your technology investment. Whether you want to unlock untapped potential, enhance automation capabilities or simply maximize your current Workday platform, we can help you get more from your software with post-production support.

We’ll be by your side every step of the way, providing expert guidance in outlining goals to help your Workday solutions accelerate growth.

Take Your Workday Software to New Heights

Tailored Industry Experience

You’re in Trusted Hands

Our experts can help you navigate your sector’s regulatory complexities and deploy solutions that address your distinctive requirements. We help you select and implement Workday solutions tailored to your specific industry:

Technology: SaaS

As a SaaS leader, you have to stay on top of innovation to make fast business decisions and meet changing customer demands. Manage your evolving needs with Workday’s scalable solutions, including:

  • Flexible resourcing tools
  • Simplified revenue management
  • Real-time updates that help you keep pace with global regulatory requirements

Automated invoice creation and expense reporting capabilities help you eliminate manual burdens, collaborate more effectively with suppliers and boost efficiency across your organization.

Life Sciences

Workday’s robust integration capabilities give life sciences companies the power to easily model multiple scenarios, simplify complex processes and gain a unified view of their workforce. Real-time data accessibility helps you accelerate productivity and jumpstart collaboration. Get complete visibility into your finances and streamline tracking for research budgets and grants so you can manage spending to improve efficiency and profitability.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Elevate your operations while staying agile and lean amid supply and demand fluctuations. With Workday’s holistic software solution, you can enhance programs and processes where it matters most. Visibility into real-time analytics enables smarter workforce planning and more informed decision-making, helping you comply with ever-changing labor laws and regulations. From demand forecasting to scenario planning and profitability modeling, Workday’s predictive analytics capabilities can help you:

  • Address cash flow challenges
  • Plan product revenues
  • Reduce supply chain bottlenecks


Help your nonprofit stay sustainable and resilient – without compromising your mission. With Workday’s real-time data insights and scenario modeling, you can:

  • Measure mission effectiveness
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Enhance financial stewardship

Track funds, grants and donations. And capitalize on Workday’s extensive reporting capabilities and customizable dashboards to manage spending, improve efficiencies and reinforce stakeholder confidence, ultimately amplifying your fundraising efforts and mission impact. HR modules help you build a diverse workforce, cultivate employee engagement and align staffing with mission goals.


Transform your healthcare operations while supporting optimal patient care. Workday offers comprehensive visibility into your financial health, helping to optimize your budgeting and enhance revenue cycle management. Through its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, you can relieve administrative burdens, build a more resilient supply chain and efficiently staff your organization.

Family Office

Meet your family’s unique financial needs. Workday’s unified platform aggregates financial data from a wide range of financial platforms and investment portfolios. Scenario analytics tools and communication modules promote real-time discussions and updates among family members and advisors. Sophisticated risk management and robust security measures safeguard your financial data and ensure your sensitive information is handled with the utmost care.

Professional Services

Professional services organizations must improve financial planning, manage complex payment processes, juggle extensive reporting requirements and effectively allocate resources to get ahead. Workday provides real-time financial and workforce visibility, streamlines billing processes, improves accuracy and automates invoicing workflows. With Workday, you can also:

  • Forecast upcoming revenue
  • Determine key growth areas with AI and ML capabilities
  • Improve visibility into control policy violations
  • Meet complex reporting and regulatory obligations
  • Safeguard sensitive client data
  • Adapt to new requirements and support a growing workforce

Private Equity

In a competitive landscape, Workday helps private equity firms keep pace in navigating complexities and staying compliant. It fast-tracks informed decision-making by providing powerful data analytics and comprehensive investment portfolio insights. By automating tasks like fund administration and prioritizing data security, Workday enhances operational efficiency and safeguards sensitive data, crucial for building investor trust.

Real Estate

Workday provides the tools you need to optimize operations, make strategic decisions and thrive in the shifting real estate environment. Streamline financial operations and manage and track assets effectively with Workday’s comprehensive and unified platform. Gain an end-to-end view of your business by combining property management and point-of-sale data with workforce and financial information. Use the platform’s predictive analytics to:

  • Anticipate business outcomes
  • Drive greater cost control
  • Make more informed purchasing decisions

Financial Services

Financial services organizations need powerful solutions to stay ahead amidst market uncertainty, ever-changing regulatory demands and cybersecurity threats. Workday’s adaptability is key to meeting these compliance requirements, keeping your business agile and alleviating disruption. Real-time data access and reporting tools strengthen credit risk assessments, supporting more informed lending decisions. Cybersecurity features mitigate fraud risks and safeguard sensitive financial data.


Keep your projects on track while minimizing cost overruns and prioritizing worker safety. With Workday, you can efficiently monitor project costs, fill control gaps and maintain project oversight. And you get visibility into your people and their skillsets, so you can hire quickly, plan for the future and optimize crew assignments. Workday can also integrate with Procore and other construction-specific software, such as project management and accounting tools, giving you an end-to-end solution.

Investment Management

Investment management firms need forward-thinking solutions to successfully navigate marketplace volatility, meet increased customer expectations, maintain regulatory compliance and break into new markets. Harness Workday’s cloud-based system to get real-time insights into your portfolio performance, automate global finance processes and thrive amidst change. Workday’s robust capabilities can also help you:

  • Diversify your business
  • Find new revenue streams
  • Simplify financial operations
  • Make smarter, faster decisions
Application Managed Services
Proactive Support
Application Managed Services
Get a proactive and strategic approach for managing your enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and financial planning and analysis technology through Armanino’s Application Managed Services. Offload and optimize your business solutions with support and resources from our highly specialized functional experts at a cost-effective and predictable price.

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Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement
Get entrepreneurial insights and a 360-degree view of your business that helps you stay on pace and beyond
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Access client-obsessed experts who focus on uncovering and responding to your needs
Transformative Partnership
Transformative Partnership
Engage continued support to create meaningful change for the long haul

Product Updates

Workday Feature Release Highlights

Armanino is dedicated to ensuring that Workday clients and end-users receive the support and resources necessary to fully leverage the platform. You’ll find our favorite features and functions from Workdays latest releases for your review.

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Ryan leads Armanino’s Consulting practice, helping to solve clients’ broad, increasingly digital business challenges.

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Scott leads the cloud solutions implementation teams. He has over 19 years of experience implementing ERP solutions.

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Chris is a member of the Strategy and Transformation team and a leader in the firm's emerging markets practice.

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