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The key to success is selecting the right partner. With this in mind, Armanino offers an integrated collection of services designed to meet the needs of both growing and established companies. Every project is unique. And the needs of each client vary. That's why Armanino builds each engagement team based on the exact objectives of the project.

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We use our proven Rapid Implementation Methodology on every project

We ensure that your software solutions are not only implemented correctly, but that both technology and business stakeholders fully embrace it. When stakeholders are engaged, the key knowledge is transferred, user adoption increases, and the project's goals are met. Think of Armanino’s Rapid Implementation Methodology as your insurance that the project provides sustained business value.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Accounting or ERP software is the cornerstone of any complex organization's suite of tools. Tracking accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger and billing along with a host of other crucial business information should be performed in the most efficient and accurate way possible. ERP solutions offer an integrated view of your core business functions from supply (manufacturing, operations, and personnel) to demand (sales, service and fulfillment). ERP software allows cross-department data visibility and ensures a single source of truth for business operations: orders, production, supplier and vendor management, and financial management. When considering accounting software, you must find the one that fits your specific financial needs of your business and one that will scale with you as you grow.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM enables organizations to maintain superior customer retention rates, administer targeted marketing programs and support the entire sales cycle. Many organizations have multi-tiered sales channels, multiple sales divisions and extensive marketing requirements that only a robust, flexible CRM system can manage. CRM software can become the critical link between your customers and your sales, marketing and customer service teams. CRM tools have evolved to be a critical piece of a business IT infrastructure as they are easily implemented and quickly deployed.

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

Modernizing your HR technology is key to attracting top talent, engaging your employees and making smarter business decisions. A cloud-based HRIS equips your organization to scale and adapt to the evolving world of work. Pivotal to transforming your HR processes, an HRIS provides access to real-time reporting and people analytics and ensures a single source of data truth. It streamlines HR operations and aligns your teams across core goals, helping you fuel data-driven talent strategies and better prioritize your people and their success.

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Establishing a budget is one of the most basic and yet most intricate items for every business. Financial Planning and Analysis software moves a company from error-prone spreadsheets and manual processes to more reliable and accurate methods, reducing the potential for fatal errors. These applications use your company's financial data to help predict business expectations, forecast expenses, analyze budgetary information, predict business trends and a multitude of other data points important to the success and long-term growth of your business. Using the best applications possible to manage this process can be the difference between a competitive advantage and a blurry view of the health of your company.

Business Intelligence (BI)

The software offers a more simplistic and easy-to-use interface than any other systems application. Constantly monitoring and collecting data from all your existing systems, the business intelligence software can synthesize data from any sources chosen and offer analysis and reporting, thereby put you in a position to make the most up-to-date and accurate recommendations for your company. BI tools are seeing a rapid adoption among most companies today as they are easily implemented and quickly deployed.

Stock-based Accounting

Managing equity compensations can become tedious and costly. Using a stock option administration software solution provides companies with unprecedented visibility into equity compensation, making accounting and stock compensation management faster, smarter and easier. You can gain a robust administration platform coupled with a participant portal to provide your company with increased visibility and deliver results straight to your administrators and participants.

Finance Automation

With increasing pressure to deliver fast and accurate financial information under more complex regulations, accounting departments need their staff to focus on more value adding tasks. Accounting process automation takes your mundane, routine and time consuming tasks and automates them. Companies gain insights into business performance and time to analyze trends to increase accuracy. Accounting process automation software enables segregation of duties, configures to your company’s approval process, and integrates with all ERP systems.


Choosing the right partner is just as important than choosing the right software. Armanino’s certified development, implementation and consulting team easily extends your existing software investment, syncing it with any other systems you use to run your business. We’ve completed more than 1,000 cloud, hosted and on-premise implementations, customizations and integrations for a wide variety of industries. Our experienced team of consultants includes CPAs, IT professionals, industry operations experts and former CFOs, Controllers and FP&A managers, who understand your struggle to get the information you need, where and when you need it. We know finance and operations and can provide technology solutions to the pain points you experience on a daily basis.

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Sync with systems you currently use to run your business. We've completed more than 1000 cloud, hosted and on-premise implementations, customizations and integrations for a wide variety of companies.
Sage Intacct
Scott Schimberg - Partner, Consulting - San Ramon CA | Armanino
Scott leads the cloud solutions implementation teams. He has over 19 years of experience implementing ERP solutions.

San Ramon, CA
Ryan Prindiville - Consulting | Armanino
Ryan leads Armanino’s Consulting practice, helping to solve clients’ broad, increasingly digital business challenges.

San Ramon, CA
Mark Wagner, Consulting, Armanino
Mark provides oversight on Workday Adaptive Planning, Solver and Sage Intacct implementations.

San Ramon, CA
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