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Workday & Procore Construction Management Integration

Give project and finance teams a single source of truth, streamline communication and reduce data entry with Procore Project Financials Integration for Workday.
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Software Integration Solutions
Robust Capabilities
Streamline Financial Processes and Projects
Integrating Procore with Workday delivers your construction company a powerful solution to enhance financial processes, improve project management efficiency and reduce manual tasks and human errors.


Quick Highlights

Seamless Coordination

Switch easily between financial management and project management activities.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Enhance data accuracy, automate manual tasks and boost finance and project team productivity.

Comprehensive Insights

Make smarter decisions faster with near real-time visibility into project performance throughout the project lifecycle or across your entire portfolio.

Powerful Reporting

Combine Procore Analytics API and Workday RaaS reports to create robust PowerBI and dashboard reporting.

Accelerate Project Efficiency
Customizable Integrations
Customizable Integrations
Customize your workflows to accommodate scalable growth
Automated Workflows
Automated Workflows
Automate repetitive tasks such as invoice processing and expense approvals
Integration Monitoring
Integration Monitoring
Enhanced reports ensure data accuracy and compliance with accounting standards and regulatory requirements
Synchronized Financial Data
Synchronized Financial Data
Simplify budgeting, invoicing and expense tracking and gain real-time insights to control costs, proactively manage risk and inform project decisions
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