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Are you looking to exit your business? Are you looking to acquire or invest in a company? The success of any deal comes down to the details. Our M&A Advisory practice specializes in reducing complexity, mitigating risks, increasing value in acquisitions, corporate restructuring, management buy-outs, dispositions and other business transactions.

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Committed to Efficiency, Timeliness and Value

Our multidisciplinary team, which includes former Big Four partners and former COOs and CFOs with operational backgrounds, will work closely with you throughout the transaction cycle.

Unlike the largest firms that offer a one-size-fits-all approach to services, Armanino can execute against a work plan tailored to your specific situation. Our experienced professionals can tell you what services you really need―and what you don’t―so you can focus your resources on the areas that matter most. When working with Armanino, you get high-level expertise without bureaucratic red tape. We can deploy our team quickly, with a cost structure that is flexible to fit your needs, which gives you a competitive edge.

Quality of Earnings & Due Diligence

When you’re making an acquisition, you need a clear picture of the earnings the business will generate going forward. Our M&A advisory experts analyze past earnings and future issues that could create risk, to give you the real story behind the numbers and help you determine a fair price. Our services include:

  • Quality of earnings report
  • Tax due diligence
  • Financial due diligence
  • EBITDA calculation
  • Confirmation on quality of assets, earnings, cash flow and tax attributes
  • Mitigation of financial and tax costs after closing
  • Financial and tax modeling


Deal Structuring

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you want to see the deal get done with optimal efficiency. Our seasoned team has extensive experience with business transactions, as well as deep expertise in financial reporting, risk management, and domestic and international tax. Whether it’s a domestic or cross-border transaction, we can help ensure that the deal structure is as tax efficient as possible, and is operationally efficient from a future financial and tax standpoint, to maximize return on investment.

Valuation Services

We’ve done more than 1,000 valuations of securities and assets for tax, financial reporting, business combinations and litigation purposes. Using sophisticated valuation methodologies, our team of certified valuation services specialists can provide expert asset valuations and purchase price allocation valuations to ensure compliance with ASC 805 and ASC 350 accounting rules and estimate the fair value of intangible assets, goodwill, liabilities and contingencies.

Post-Transaction Support

The work doesn’t end after the deal closes. Our integration team works to ensure that the value created through a sound business transaction does not evaporate. They can help you craft and execute a detailed integration plan, including: 

  • Merging internal control processes
  • Integrating information systems and technology
  • Providing purchase accounting support to ensure GAAP and IFRS compliance

Corporate Finance

Our team has developed its expertise through many M&A, divestiture and strategic partnering transactions for closely-held businesses. We can provide you with end-to-end advisory services, including:

  • Sell-side representation
  • Buy-side representation
  • Intellectual property and patent sales
  • Acting as purchaser representative to ensure compliance with SEC Rule 501
  • Restructuring

Sell-Side M&A Consulting

Are you looking to monetize on your intellectual property or sell your business? We can help.  For more than 30 years, family-owned businesses, partnerships and investor-owned businesses have turned to Armanino to assist them throughout the entire selling process. From defining what a successful exit means to you, to finding buyers, assisting in due diligence and closing the deal, we work with you to meet your goals.

Buy-Side M&A Consulting

We can help you find targets that fit your criteria. We leverage our deep experience with technology and other key industries to understand the opportunities or synergies that you are looking for.


Armanino’s restructuring experts have served as trusted advisors to companies in challenged and distressed situations for over 30 years. We work on behalf of stakeholders in companies facing a range of issues, from loss of strategic momentum to financial crisis. We are retained by lenders, investors, creditors, boards of directors and executive management of financially distressed companies.

Our veteran team helps clients understand their options, prioritize them and drive toward the most attractive scenario while preparing for downside eventualities. We can act as advisors but also as operators, taking an active role in the restructuring effort.

P. Alexander van Dillen, Consulting | Armanino
Alex van Dillen is a partner in the Corporate Finance and Restructuring practices.

Dallas, TX
Chad Zoretic, CFO Advisory Services
Chad is a financial executive providing strategic transaction advisory for clients or strategic purchases.

Dallas, TX
Michael Hogan - Managing Director, Consulting | Armanino
Michael leads the firm’s Corporate Finance and Restructuring practices.

San Ramon, CA
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