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No two companies are alike, and neither are their benefit plans. You deserve a provider that understands the importance of unique planning in an industry full of generalized, one-size-fits-all plans.

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The rapidly changing area of compensation and benefits offers business owners, CFOs and human resources professionals an incredible opportunity to deliver critical employee benefits information in a way that maximizes resources and time—creating a positive impact on your organization. At Armanino, we strive to help you take advantage of that opportunity while minimizing your company’s risk exposure. You’ll benefit from:

Open Communication

Complete client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our practice, which is why we listen to our clients and keep the lines of communication open.

Certified Expertise

Our certified pension consultants (CPCs) Gary Wyatt and Melissa Morgan offer clients added expertise in the areas of retirement and employee benefits consulting. The CPC credential is provided by the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries, which is part of the American Retirement Association. If you’re only looking for support with plan administration, we also have qualified pension administrators (QPAs) and qualified 401(k) administrators (QKAs) available to assist employers, actuaries and plan consultants with the recordkeeping, nondiscrimination testing and administrative aspects of 401(k) and related contribution plans.

Integrated Solutions Supported by Technology

Many business owners spend little or no time developing an integrated compensation and benefits strategy that aligns with their short- and long-term business goals. Armanino’s compensation and benefits experts can help you strike a balance by looking at the issues that matter most to your business, including attracting top talent, employee retention and overall tax savings. Our team also remains up-to-date on the latest compensation and benefit planning hardware and software, to ensure that you receive the most efficient service possible.

  • Executive Compensation Strategies: Executive performance is a key factor in determining the success of your business. By aligning executive compensation with key financial drivers relating to your company’s performance, we can help you keep your top management team focused.
  • Plan Design and Documentation: The ability to develop a cost-effective retirement program that is also responsive to the needs of your employees requires a degree of creativity that exceeds the standard solutions of the past. Our experienced staff can provide model documentation for various types of plans, including defined contribution, defined benefit, individual retirement accounts and simplified employee pension plans.
  • Retirement Plan Administration: Appropriate and precise adherence to complicated federal pension plan laws is absolutely necessary in order for plan sponsors to meet all their obligations as plan administrators. We can advise you or your staff in this area.
  • Compliance Testing and Governmental Filings: We are qualified to provide compliance testing services as well as prepare the required governmental filings on behalf of our clients. We can also prepare participant summary annual reports and offer support in the event of a benefit plan audits by the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor or other federal agency.
  • Participant Distributions and Plan Loans: We can support the time-consuming task of managing distributions, including calculating vested benefits, providing required notices, and preparing form 1099-R, form 945 and state withholding forms. For participant loans, our experts will handle loan requests, plan sponsor approval, required disclosures, amortization schedules, notes, security agreements and automatic loan default notifications.
Shannon Oswald - Consulting | Armanino
Shannon’s experience focuses on human resources, and she works with a wide range of clients.

El Segundo, CA
Jenn McCabe - Partner, Outsource HR - El Segundo CA | Armanino
Jenn has more than 25 years of outsourced HR & accounting and finance experience.

El Segundo, CA
Gary Wyatt - Principal, Tax - Dallas TX
Gary provides compensation and benefits planning, design and administration services to companies.

Dallas, TX
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September 14, 2017
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