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Business leaders, board members and investors need more than data to make informed decisions about the business. They need actionable insight and guidance to help them drive better business outcomes.

From forecasting to cash management to working with investors, improving controls to optimizing expenditures to best M&A outcomes, and everything else related to corporate finance, we help you grow and optimize your business and reach your ultimate goals.

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Work With Experts in Your Industry
Partner with a firm that has decades of experience helping organizations like yours overcome their financial and business challenges.
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Rely on Our Wickedly Smart Team
With our team approach, you’ll work collaboratively with domain, business and industry experts who are invested in one thing: helping your business succeed.
Cash Management
Cash Management
Control spending and gain visibility into short- and long-term cash and financing needs
Forecast Management for Dynamics 365 Forecast
Forecast & Business Models
Better understand your business and gain the insight you need to optimize operations
Project Management & Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 Reporting
Reporting, Dashboards & KPIs
Use real-time visibility into business and financial performance to make better decisions
Anomaly Detection and Fraud Analysis
Financial Analysis
Understand and evaluate your company’s performance and discover ways to improve it
Financial Services Audit
OPEX Optimization
Reduce expenses, optimize efficiency and manage costs to free up funds to invest in new areas for growth
Armanino Care Support Unlimited Incidents
Board Support
Minimize your team’s preparation efforts and make board interactions more valuable
Dynamic Insights Gives
Proven Insight
Solve complex issues by tapping into the collective experience of a team of finance executives
AI-Enabled 13-Week Cash Flow
AI-Enabled 13-Week Cash Flow
Automate your cash flow forecasting for timely financial insights

Optimize Your Cash Flow

Gain Visibility Into Cash Management With a Rapid 13-Week Cash Flow Forecast

What’s your real cash balance today? And how do you manage cash changes next quarter? Are you certain you’ll be able to invest in growth while meeting critical obligations? How long does it take your team to do your cash flow model and how confident are you in it? Informed financial and management decisions require timely and accurate cash flow forecasts. Armanino’s AI-fueled 13-Week Cash Flow Model processes and classifies cash transactions with unrivaled speed (25K+ transactions in minutes) and accuracy.
AI-Enabled 13-Week Cash Flow
  • Identify emerging cash flow challenges faster
  • Align all stakeholders with accurate projections
  • Gain a granular understanding of your financials
  • Improve forecasting and cash management
  • Identify and prioritize cash outflows and collections
  • Proactively address operational and overhead expenses
Test your finance practices to see if you’re getting the insight you need.
Interim CFO & Controller

Get senior executive expertise without the time and expense of hiring a full-time employee.


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Morgan Falor - Consulting | Armanino
Morgan focuses on helping nonprofits create strategic approaches to both finance and development.

San Jose, CA
Mike Bergines - Consulting | Armanino
Senior Director
Mike brings deep experience in ecommerce, payments, lending, fintech, and SaaS to his clients.

San Jose, CA
Andrea Mannering - Consulting | Armanino
Andrea is a director in the Outsourcing Services practice and manages the Strategic Finance Outsourcing practice.

San Ramon, CA
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