Family Office Services

Armanino has the right people and the right capabilities to help you stop worrying and start focusing on you, your family and the life you want to create.
Family Office Services


Flexible to Meet Your Needs

Every family has a unique set of needs that can change very quickly, and our family office specialists take the time to really get to know you and your family’s specific goals and challenges. As part of this highly personalized approach, we offer a flexible range of services that can be customized to meet your daily and ongoing needs. Our services create a tight-knit foundation built to ensure your wealth and values will transfer on to the next generation in an organized way.

Armanino has more than 35 years of experience advising families similar to yours on how to manage their day-to-day financial, investment and family concerns. Our team of qualified experts can assist you and your family with:

Personal CFO

  • Managing your day-to-day finances and payroll
  • Investment accounting, reconciliation and analysis
  • Budgeting, record keeping, tax planning and cash flow management
  • Overseeing wealth managers, estate planners and other trusted advisors
  • Centralized document storage

Business Structuring

  • Determining what type of business structure to create
  • Financially forming, growing or dissolving your business
  • Reducing your business’s tax rate


Household Management

  • Managing payroll of household staff and tracking of independent contractors
  • Paying your bills, banking, handling your budget and cash flow analysis
  • Managing collectibles, luxury goods and vehicle ownership
  • Purchasing and financing major assets

Strategic Philanthropy

  • Developing a strategic charitable giving plan to pass from generation to generation
  • Creating a philanthropic avenue to carry on your values and legacy
  • Implementing charitable giving and getting the whole family involved
  • Establishing foundations and trusts
  • Providing education for you and your family

Legacy Planning

  • Educating your family on finances and investments
  • Developing a strategic plan to preserve your family legacy and tell your story
  • Transferring your wealth to your family in a way that protects their well-being
  • Establishing clear roles and responsibilities for you and your family

Wealth Preservation

  • Protecting your assets from creditors and other third-party collectors
  • Reducing your exposure to income and estate taxes
  • Working with your other trusted advisors to develop a protection strategy

We also offer our clients a comprehensive document tune-up, in which we compile all important accounts, documents and relationships associated with the running of a family organization and assess them for maximum effectiveness.

How We Can Help You - Family OfficeClient Stories
Client Stories
How We Can Help You
Our clients have unique needs, which means they need unique solutions. Hear how we've helped them through their challenges.

Forming a Family Office

Is a Family Office Right for You?

  1. Too Many “Go-To” Advisors: You receive countless emails, phone calls and communications from your trusted legal, financial and investment advisors. You’re starting to become overwhelmed.
  2. Financial Chaos: You have numerous bills, file folders, stacks of paper, jammed office drawers and multiple household employees. It’s becoming a real struggle to keep track of everything. You need help with your tax payments and filings, insurance renewals and coverage assessments, capital calls and commitments and collectibles management.
  3. Professional vs. Personal: You trust your employees and allow them to help manage portions of your personal life, giving them access to your finances and personal net worth, but you haven’t done anything to protect yourself against unauthorized use of this access.
  4. Trustworthy Decisions: You have a number of trusts created to protect your wealth, but you’re unsure if your trustees are aware of the responsibilities and requirements needed to fulfill their fiduciary duties.
  5. Family Education: As your family matures, you want your spouse and the next generation to become actively involved in learning how you manage your wealth, but you’re not sure where to begin.

We provide our clients with integrated family office services tailored to meet their needs and the needs of their families. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you simplify your life and continue to build your legacy.

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John Karls - Partner, Tax - Dallas TX | Armanino
John has more than 25 years of experience consulting with successful individuals, families and closely held businesses.

Dallas, TX
Chris Mays - Partner, Business Management - Los Angeles CA | Armanino
Chris is a partner on the Family Office Services team, where he provides a variety of outsourced solutions.

El Segundo, CA
Elisabeth Cai - Business Management| Armanino
Elisabeth uses her audit and tax experience to provide business management services to high-net-worth families.

Downtown Los Angeles, CA
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