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Get real-time insights and the end-to-end financial visibility you need to make smarter investment decisions and achieve your financial goals.

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Simplify Your Wealth Reporting Process

Transform your data insights by implementing Addepar, a cloud-based investment reporting platform. Addepar’s cutting-edge technology and integrated solutions allow you to simplify even the most complex portfolios, aggregate your wealth, eliminate the noise and derive meaningful analytics from all your assets.

And by delegating your onboarding and administrative burdens to a partner who truly understands your specific needs, you can benefit from end-to-end expertise that helps you eliminate data and reporting headaches, integrate your data feeds and focus on what matters most: securing your long-term success.

Get a Clear, Centralized View of Your Assets

Get a Clear, Centralized View of Your Assets

Streamline complex portfolios to view everything you own, wherever the assets are held

Access Real-Time Dashboards and Reports

See Real-Time Dashboards and Reports

Get customized, branded dashboards and reports tailored to your specific needs

Make More Informed Decisions

Make More Informed Decisions

Leverage state-of-the-art analytics and benchmarking to transform your decision making

Drive Better Investment Outcomes

Drive Better Investment Outcomes

Use data-driven insights to meet your goals and create lasting value

Wealth Reporting Make Sense of Your Data
Feeling Stuck?
Are You Struggling to Make Sense of Your Data?

As a high-net-worth individual or family office trying to manage your wealth reporting, you likely face many of these challenges:

  • Juggling disconnected reports in multiple locations
  • Struggling to interpret complicated, confusing reporting metrics
  • Contending with insufficient tools and incomplete data insights
  • Difficulty making informed investment decisions


Get the Tools and Expertise You Need
All Under One Roof

ERP Integration
Get the most out of your data by seamlessly connecting Addepar to your existing systems.
Dedicated Onboarding Services
Offload the complications of integrating and maintaining data feeds and keeping offline assets current.
Real-Time Dashboards
Clear analysis and real-time representation of your holdings allow you to easily visualize your entire portfolio and drill down on any transaction.
Cashflow Projections
Project capital calls and distributions-based peer and fund-specific data to manage liquidity needs.
Flexible Reporting Tools
Use pre-built or custom reporting templates to quickly create detailed reports that update in real time.
Design Workshops
Take your reporting to the next level by designing custom reports tailored to your unique specifications.
Ongoing Data Maintenance
Access a dedicated team that proactively monitors your investment data for anomalies and resolves them in real time.
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