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With 72% of companies that have added AI to their technology stack failing to get their applications into production, it’s clear most organizations are falling short.
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The Right Approach

Reach Your Goals Through a Focused Methodology

Many organizations know they need AI but don’t currently have the systems in place to get the data required to implement it successfully.

There are four key areas of focus, broken down by stage, to create a plan that gives you the tools you need to get your applications implemented, adopted and driving bottom-line value to your organization.

1. Preparation
Ensure the right systems are in place to ready your data. Using design thinking and project roadmapping services will validate your data and provide guidance in selecting a vendor that suits your needs.

2. Implementation
Utilize agile project management services to implement your system with the features that you need today and a plan for ones you may need later. Start to build models that illustrate their effectiveness, so you can get your applications running quicker and more efficiently.

3. System Education and Adoption
Train your team on your AI system’s processes through change management services, which facilitates users’ ability to operate your AI without fear of being replaced.

4. Continuous Improvement
Apply data governance services, so as your system collects more data it scales with your organization and keeps tracking key metrics as you evolve.

Finding the right partner is important, as they can concentrate on segments primarily connected to the finance organization.

The Spectrum

AI Solutions for Business

Your business challenges are unique and require individualized solutions. The spectrum of AI business solutions is built on the foundations of robotic process automation (RPA), predictive analytics and virtual assistants to ensure there is a focus in what can be a sea of AI solutions.

Allows computers to perform structured digital tasks like a human user following a set of rules. An RPA tool maps a process for a software robot (or bot) to execute, streamlining your organization’s time-consuming, manual processes such as data migration, employee onboarding or expense management. This empowers your team to focus on strategic projects that can help your business grow.

Predictive Analytics
Attempts to understand the future by studying events from the past. Relying on a variety of machine learning algorithms, these systems identify patterns in historical data to provide statistical probabilities of a future event. They can help analyze the lifetime value of a customer, customer churn and other deep learning processes that can increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Virtual Assistants
Interact with human users to observe behavior and develop insights that can recommend future actions. Tools like chatbots engage with employees and customers by providing targeted information to specific requests. Founded on the underlying technology of natural language processing, these systems can accomplish a variety of functions, including 24/7 customer support, product and service recommendations, internal employee helplines and other cognitive engagement opportunities.

Using just these three tools, you can choose from a host of capable solutions to solve the majority of common business challenges.

Real-World Applications
AI is already transforming how many companies do business. Aiding organizations to stay on the bleeding-edge in key industries that include:
Adaptive Insights Life Sciences
Automate target ID and validation for R&D, batch release and operational analysis.
High Tech Industries Dynamics 365 Integration
Deploy predictive analytics to create proactive business models and improve forecasting.
Accounting Outsourcing Services for Nonprofits
Analyze donor data and provide insights into donations to create effective targeted campaigns.

Team With Experts

Create a Successful AI Strategy With Armanino Intelligence

Armanino Intelligence offers digital transformation services and solutions to help organizations improve efficiencies, reduce overhead and establish a competitive advantage against their peers.


Whether you’re considering using AI for the first time or are a seasoned veteran in the space, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to help you successfully integrate AI into your organization. These are organized in three areas that enable you to map an effective strategy, prepare your data for automation and deploy custom applications:

Advisory – Envision Your AI Future
Armanino Intelligence helps you develop the framework for an AI-enabled future by identifying areas of opportunity, formalizing AI objectives in alignment with business strategies, establishing success criteria and performance metrics, and crafting road maps and project plans. You also get access to AI discovery workshops that cover use case identification, process mapping and future-state road mapping.
Foundation – Collect, Organize and Measure Your Data
Have our experts assess the data requirements of your ideal future state, evaluate your current data infrastructure and establish data collection, augmentation and governance strategies. Using dataset exploration and profiling, we’ll collect, organize and measure your data to gauge your readiness for AI deployment.
Development – Implement Tailored Business Solutions
Through custom AI development, testing and optimization, we build your solution in line with your current and future needs. Create a sustainable competitive advantage with custom proof-of-concept development, RPA, chatbots and virtual agents. If speed is your top concern, our industry-focused Armanino Intelligence QuickStarts are designed to accelerate the development lifecycle and expedite deployment with products for customer intelligence, valuation and demand forecasting, intelligent document processing, and inventory management and process optimization.
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Past Armanino Intelligence Projects

Improved Supply Chain Planning
PROBLEM // A semiconductor client conducted manual entry and validation of all EDI orders. The volume of orders skyrocketed to thousands daily and they were unable to keep up with growing demand. SOLUTION // Armanino utilized robotic process automation to eliminate manual validation of 47 data points for order completeness. BENEFITS // The client increased the number of orders processed from 2,000 to 15,000 per month and realized an immediate and dramatic improvement on order management accuracy.
Automated Expense Report
PROBLEM // Armanino had one full-time employee spending 2 days per week manually authorizing all expense reports for 1,000 employees. SOLUTION // Armanino deployed the AppZen AI module for Concur expense management software in just 20 days. BENEFITS // The firm saved a full week of man-hours each pay period and saved thousands of dollars in unauthorized expenses each week.
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How You Can Use AI to Benefit Your Business


How You Can Use AI to Benefit Your Business

Learn how AI can be leveraged to automate key processes, alleviate operational burdens and achieve your specific goals.

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Real-Life Views on the Current and Future State of AI
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Real-Life Views on the Current and Future State of AI

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