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Identify and manage risk through customized support and innovative audit methodologies that keep pace with the evolving regulatory and business landscape you operate in.

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Reinforce Controls

Improve Operational Efficiency & Reduce Fraud

Juggling audit, risk management and compliance alongside other responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming and inefficient. High turnover in key audit roles and lack of specialized audit expertise and oversight only intensifies the challenges. Strengthen your internal audit function by bolstering your controls and bridging coverage gaps in your audit plan.

Risk Assurance and Advisory Internal Audit
Our Approach
Streamlined Solutions for an Ever-Changing Business Landscape
Leverage technological innovations to adapt quickly to evolving regulations, protect your assets, reduce fraud opportunities and ensure legal and regulatory compliance. All with a streamlined program that doesn’t detract from your core business activities or overallocate internal resources.
Scalable Sourcing Support

With the right help from a trusted partner, you can pass overflowing responsibilities to skilled experts and turn your focus back to driving results. Our sourcing services are customized to fit your objectives, proactively supporting your needs at any level – and in any location – without disrupting your operations.

When it comes to internal audit, you need a turnkey solution that is anything but cookie cutter. Review the sourcing options below to determine the route that’s right for you.

Full Outsourcing
Full Outsourcing
Let dedicated experts manage your controls to prepare for external audits
Internal Audit Co-sourcing
Supplement current staff to streamline your internal control system
Staffing Augmentation
Staffing Augmentation
Get full-time internal audit staffing year-round, or for a specific time period or scope of work
Full Outsourcing Co-sourcing Staffing Augmentation
Circle checkFrees up time and resources to focus on other key initiatives Circle checkFrees up time and resources to focus on other key initiatives
Circle checkStrong relationships and seamless integration with your existing audit team Circle checkCohesive relationship with your team
Circle checkCost and skill set flexibility Circle checkCost and skill set flexibility
Circle checkAccess to state-of-the-art technology Circle checkAccess to state-of-the-art technology
Circle checkHighly specialized skill sets on an as-needed basis Circle checkHighly specialized skill sets on an as-needed basis Circle checkAdherence to your leadership, processes and directives
Circle checkProvider handles function’s day-to-day administration/execution Circle checkYou keep functional control in-house Circle checkProvides you highest degree of control over internal audit function
Circle checkYou control risk assessment and audit plan
Circle checkAlleviates HR burden of identifying and supplying additional staff Circle checkEliminates certain recruiting, training and employment costs Circle checkTraditional structure for board and management
Circle checkStaff apply their experience and best practices to your scope of work
Circle checkProvides new expertise and fresh perspectives
Additional Services
Purpose-Built Control Solutions
Help develop and maintain an effective internal control environment using outsourced internal audit and in-house program development solutions, including:
Risk Management
Risk Management
Evaluate your internal security against chances of fraud and attacks
Internal Audit Function Quality Reviews
Quality Assessment Review
Analyze specific segments of your operations to identify control weaknesses
Ad Hoc Audits
On-Demand Audits
Review individual aspects of your control program
Depth of Expertise
The internal controls needed to reduce fraud risk and achieve regulatory compliance differ across sectors. Secure your controls through innovative solutions provided by experts with a history of developing successful programs in your industry.

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