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Meet Octavio (OJ)

OJ is a senior manager for Armanino’s Ideaticians team. He is the product manager for Armanino IP tools that include enterprise business applications, pre-built Power Platform apps and analytics platforms. He maintains and supports numerous business industries with our proprietary software tools. During our innovation sessions, he leads industry leaders and client participants through thoughtful analysis of ways we can build and incorporate technology into their everyday processes.

At Armanino, OJ has experience working with a wide range of clients as they undergo digital transformation and system integration. Serving as the product manager for our pre-built integration solutions, he has a proven track record of client success and finding new solutions to data issues.

OJ brings over a decade of experience in software management and delivery to Armanino’s Ideaticians team. Working at a small software start-up in Silicon Valley, he redefined the automotive dealership virtual experience — with software aimed at pricing transparency and efficiency.

As part of Armanino’s Ideaticians team, he seeks out problems and innovative ways to push the boundary on what is possible.

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Professional History


  • Member California State Bar
  • Certified Conversational AI Designer


  • UCLA School of Law
  • University of California, Davis


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