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Maximize the ROI of AI With the Right Strategy
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Gain an Actionable Roadmap to Execute on Your AI Goals
Schedule a two-hour one-on-one working session with an Armanino automation expert, strategically focused on planning and outlining future actions related to AI development and deployment for your organization.


Quick Highlights

Define your Strategic Objectives

Together, we define the key business objectives your organization aims to achieve with AI. We’ll identify specific goals, such as cost reduction, improved customer experience, or increased operational efficiency.

Discuss Current AI Initiatives, Goals and Challenges

Review your existing AI projects and their status. We’ll help identify challenges and bottlenecks faced in the current AI development.

Identify New Opportunities for AI Adoption

With objectives identified, explore recommended strategies to improve efficiencies and over all user and team experiences driving towards increased AI adoption.

Develop an AI Heatmap

See a four-quadrant chart with impact vs effort to help determine how to get started.

Work Session Results
Lightbulb with Gear  Icon - A two-hour work session
A two-hour work session with an AI automation expert from the Armanino team
A custom, documented plan with available solutions, resources and initiatives
A custom, documented plan with available solutions, resources and initiatives
Complete summary of the working session including the recording
Complete summary of the working session including the recording


Getting Started

Armanino’s AI advisory work session delivers an easy to understand, time-efficient and pragmatic answer on how to best incorporate AI into your organization’s strategy.

$2,000 Work Session

A Two-Hour Consultation that includes:

  • Discussing your current AI goals and challenges
  • Identifying new opportunities for AI adoption
  • Developing an AI heat map

Five Steps to Get You Started

Follow the steps below to sign up for a one-on-one AI working session.

  1. Download the engagement letter here.
  2. Fill in required information, sign and email the Engagement Letter to [email protected].
  3. Receive an email from [email protected] confirming receipt.
  4. Pay full fee per payment terms.
  5. Receive a call from one of our experts to get started.
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