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Our Ideaticians Turn Concepts Into Reality

Our Ideaticians Turn Concepts Into Reality
Ideaticians™ are our dedicated team of expert innovators. Keen observers, they harness the power of innovation through the art and science of data, translating ideas into best-in-class analyses, software and products that help organizations gain a competitive edge.

Committed to Solving the Most Complex Challenges

Innovation can come from anywhere, but we wanted to create a team with the specific focus of keeping innovation at the forefront of everything we do. Ideaticians constantly push the boundaries of technology to expand ideas. Starting with a scientific approach, they challenge assumptions and ask bold questions about what’s possible to create fresh, cutting-edge solutions.

Innovating Compliance and Audits

You need real-time insights, access and reporting on all aspects of your organization's compliance — and it should be easy. Enter Audit Ally, our proprietary audit and compliance solution that our Ideaticians™ have built into every audit at Armanino. With this innovation, we've reimagined the compliance experience to deliver more value from the audit process. This best-in-class solution harnesses the full power of data, AI such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and real-time reporting that takes SOC 2 and other compliance processes from a burden into a benefit for your organization.

An Engine of Innovation Fueled by a Culture of Collaboration

Innovation is in our DNA. While our Ideaticians take ideas to the next level, innovation happens every day and on every level within our firm. Our focus on collaboration across the organization, whether it be between Ideaticians and other teams or enabling crowdsourced ideas, allows us to prioritize delivering unique solutions that meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.

Reinventing Problem Solving
How Our Method Fosters Favorable Outcomes
Listening & Research
& Research
First, Ideaticians dig into the market, identifying common gaps and finding opportunities to introduce daring, disruptive innovation
Prototyping & Feedback
Prototyping & Feedback
Next, the team creates models and develops tools that use real-world data, customized with Armanino’s unique industry insights
Testing & Launch
& Launch
Once it has been tested and reviewed, we release the final product into the marketplace, fine-tuning and customizing as needed to ensure desired outcomes
Ideaticians Workplace Scheduler
Workplace Scheduler App
Optimize Workforce Management
Maximize the use of your office space by using the Workplace Scheduler App, a robust tool created by Ideaticians to help you accommodate an increasingly mobile workforce and reduce wasted spend on office leases.
Ideaticians Artificial Intelligence AI Lab
Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Lab
Stay Ahead of the AI Curve
Discover the power of our AI Lab, a consulting resource designed to assist with the adoption of AI technology. Curated by Ideaticians, the AI Lab provides answers to your most common and challenging AI questions and gives essential guidance to help jumpstart your AI journey.

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Meet The Ideaticians
Octavio Laos - Growth Office | Armanino
Senior Manager
OJ is passionate in helping clients resolve business problems with digital transformative solutions.

Chicago, IL
Ron Larsen - Growth Office | Armanino
Product Development Director
Ron oversees product development of solutions to empower our clients to streamline efficiency and maintain growth.

Bellevue, WA
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