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Combining audit expertise and automation technology enables the most comprehensive platform on the market to assess your data security controls in real-time.
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SOC 2 is a necessary function to ensure trust in data security for your customers. Unfortunately, it can be a tedious process. Our assurance experts work with you using our proprietary technology, Audit Ally, to simplify the entire process, turning manual tasks into automated ones, and providing end results in record-fast times.


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Access a single source of truth to view and manage your company’s security and compliance information and documentation. You will be able to see in real-time the status of data security related tasks, while engaging in two-way communication methods to investigate, discover and solve issues on the fly instead of in the past. Now you can have a centralized place for ALL your audit documentation.


Workflow automation is central to Audit Ally’s ability to streamline the process and gain access and insight into areas such as control monitoring, evidence collection, audit reporting and control reviews. By eliminating tedious, manual processes, you can streamline efficiencies and regain focus on the things that matter most to your business.


Know what is happening at any time you want. No longer do you just collect data and turn it over to a third-party who then disappears and re-emerges later. You can watch the process in real time and know what is happening at every step along the way. Something doesn’t look right? Simply reach out at any given point in time.

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From creating an account in Audit Ally through receiving the final audit report and even ongoing compliance maintenance, the process will give you and your team confidence and transparency every step of the way.
Audit Ally SOC2 Process Infographic

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Audit Ally in Action
See how Audit Ally works through a few of the key areas shown in the screen shots below.
  • Audit Ally Sample Client
  • Audit Ally Search
  • Audit Ally Sample Client
  • Audit Ally Search


The Race to Automate Audits

AJ Yawn joined the Accounting Podcast team in an insightful discussion on how Audit Ally is revolutionizing SOC 2 audits. He delves into how this innovative tool is leveraging AI and machine learning to streamline audits. This conversation offers an understanding of how technology and auditing intersect to drive growth and innovation in the accounting sector. To gain more insights into the future of auditing and the capabilities of Audit Ally, listen to the podcast below.

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AJ Yawn - Risk Assurance & Advisory| Armanino
AJ is a seasoned cloud security professional with significant senior-level information security experience.

Philadelphia, PA
Liam Collins - Partner, Audit - San Francisco CA | Armanino
Liam has more than 18 years of assurance and consulting experience, including 10 years with Big Four firms.

San Francisco, CA