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Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Services

Secure your business and customer data and mitigate compliance risk.
PCI Compliance Services
Understanding PCI

What Is PCI Compliance?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance encompasses a set of mandatory cybersecurity standards and controls designed to safeguard customer card data. If your organization captures, stores or processes credit or debit cards, PCI compliance applies to you.

PCI Compliance Levels

PCI compliance levels vary depending on whether you operate as a merchant or a service provider.

Merchants typically engage in business-to-consumer (B2C) activities, such as e-commerce platforms or brick-and-mortar stores, while service providers offer various services or infrastructures that support the payment cycle, but may not directly handle credit cards or facilitate sales. An entity can also operate as both a merchant and a service provider simultaneously.

PCI Compliance Tiers for Merchants
PCI Compliance Tiers for Service Providers
PCI Compliance Services
How to Become PCI Compliant

To become PCI compliant, your organization must follow a set of specific obligations and possess a thorough understanding of the following areas:


Are You Correctly Following PCI Compliance Requirements?

Stay on track with key PCI requirements by following this PCI compliance checklist:

  • Encrypt cardholder data in transit and storage
  • Harden systems that handle cardholder data
  • Restrict access to cardholder data
  • Train your workforce on how to secure cardholder data
  • Perform periodic security assessments of your cardholder environment
PCI Compliance Costs and Fines
Fee Structure
PCI Compliance Costs and Fines

We are committed to creating value for your organization by tailoring our services to your specific needs. The type of engagement we perform and the corresponding fee structure vary based on your PCI compliance level and the maturity of your organization.

Maintaining PCI compliance is crucial to avoid potential fines and penalties. Non-compliance can result in significant financial consequences, which vary depending on whether a breach occurred, breach severity and other factors.

Our Methodology

How We Help You Navigate the PCI Compliance Process

We take a proven, step-by-step approach to help you achieve and maintain PCI compliance and set your organization up for sustained success:

1. Planning and scoping

We conduct a detailed risk and scoping assessment to determine the necessary boundaries and the scope of people, process and technologies required to support card payments. We analyze potential solutions, align them with your business goals and help develop clear objectives and direction for stakeholders.

2. Evaluation

Together, we define a testing period and determine when any procedures would be performed. This phase also includes questionnaires and document owner assignments.

3. Reporting

We provide a draft report for review and discussion, outlining potential issues, recommendations for improvement and best practices.

4. Certification and continuous improvement

After certification, we identify continuous improvement opportunities and offer consistent communication in support of the annual recertification process. We also proactively monitor changes to requirements and trends and collaborate with you to adapt to any ongoing changes and understand their impact on your environment.

Customizable Solutions

PCI Compliance Consulting Services

PCI Compliance Assessment

PCI Compliance Assessment

If you're starting your PCI journey, our Qualified Security Assessors will measure your current state and develop practical recommendations to help you become PCI compliant.

PCI Compliance Testing and Certification

PCI Compliance Testing and Certification

Validate your security measures by completing a thorough PCI compliance test and PCI compliance audits for certification.

PCI Compliance Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Identify and address security weaknesses and blind spots within your organization.

PCI Compliance Consulting

PCI Compliance Consulting

Our Qualified Security Assessors will perform a formal PCI assessment against the current standards and issue an Attestation of Compliance, Report on Compliance, and Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

Request an Assessment

Are Your E-Commerce Transactions PCI Compliant?

Ensure your business and customer data are not vulnerable to cyberattacks or non-compliance fines. Connect with our PCI compliance consultants today for a free assessment.

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