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Between stringent global regulations and increasingly complex cyberattack threats, proactively ensuring the security of your data is now critical to enabling continued success.

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Cybersecurity Services Overview

Identifying technical, organizational and administrative control deficiencies is the first step in mitigating cybersecurity risks. But to give your constituents confidence in your control posture, you need holistic solutions that build a scalable, compliant cybersecurity program.
Assess your current cybersecurity posture in the framework that best meets your needs (NIST, ISO, HIPAA and more).
Third-Party Cybersecurity Review
Ensure that your vendors and partners are compliant with their security obligations.
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)
Evaluate prospective contractors’ compliance with evolving Department of Defense (DoD) control standards to ensure you’re qualified to be awarded a DoD contract.
Internal Vulnerability Assessments
Identify security patching and configuration weaknesses in your network to ensure you are not exposed to common cyber threats and keep your systems updated with the latest patches.
Penetration Testing
Simulate a real-world attack on your critical business systems and receive technical guidance tailored to your environment with cost/benefit analysis recommendations.
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance
Access a qualified Report on Compliance (ROC) for all merchants and service providers alongside practical recommendations and management of remediation efforts compliant with PCI DSS guidelines.
Strategic Advice & Intelligence
Ensure efficient, cost-effective security compliance by prioritizing security risk in alignment with your organization business strategy.
Cybersecurity Program Development & Implementation
Create and implement a security program that best suits your business needs and plans.

Outsource your chief information security officer function to security experts.

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Cybersecurity Staffing Support
Ensure security compliance of your organization with qualified staff.
Cybersecurity Ongoing Support
Obtain security expertise any time you need it.
Incident Response
Work with privacy and cybersecurity experts to create and maintain a robust incident response prevention and management program.
Voice Phishing (Vishing) Assessment
Develop and simulate a customized voice phishing campaign across key areas of your organization. In a vishing assessment, our cybersecurity experts will emulate a threat actor attempting to compromise employee accounts through “pretext” calling to persuade their targets into revealing sensitive information.
AI Risk Assessment
Assess risk within an organization related to the use of AI tools. A variety of risk topics will be assessed to provide an organization with insights into how AI is being leveraged, what key risks are associated with that usage and what an organization can do to mitigate risk related to AI.
AI Framework Implementation
Determine an optimal AI risk management framework that best suits an organization’s needs. Armanino will work with management to understand key risks and then implement controls designed to mitigate identified risks.
AI Infrastructure Assessments
Armanino leverages proprietary technology to assess an organization’s internal infrastructure to determine what AI tools are being used, what data is shared within those tools and what risks are introduced to an organization from AI tool usage.
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Our Approach
Customized Data Protection
Cybersecurity attacks come from a variety of sources, and today all companies are at risk of falling victim. Effectively safeguard your assets and display this security to regulators, customers and investors through a multidisciplinary review that utilizes:
Thorough Assessment
Thorough Assessment
Identify gaps in your controls and recommendations to correct them
Deep Expertise
Deep Expertise
Collaborate with certified professionals that can help plan and implement your cybersecurity program
Cybersecurity Management
Efficient Management
Establish clear, documented policies internal stakeholders can maintain
Cybersecurity Strategy
Global Strategy
Create a control environment that complies with international regulations
Cutting-Edge Tools
Cutting-Edge Tools
Reduce strain on internal resources by leveraging automation solutions
Cybersecurity Training
First-Rate Training & Executive Coaching
Continually educate teams on best practices and metrics to measure success
Security Through Strategy Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
Security Through Strategy
Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
An on-demand vCISO provides essential leadership that’s critical to protecting your sensitive data and driving your cybersecurity strategy – all within your budget.

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Depth of Expertise
The types of cybersecurity attacks differ across various industries. Working with a team that understands your organization’s greatest risk areas is critical to securing your data. Better protect your sensitive information by partnering with experts with a history of providing holistic solutions in an array of industries.
Liam Collins - Partner, Audit - San Francisco CA | Armanino
Liam has more than 18 years of assurance and consulting experience, including 10 years with Big Four firms.

San Francisco, CA
Mark Knight - Risk Assurance & Advisory| Armanino
Mark is a partner in the firm's SOC practice and leads the firm's cybersecurity and privacy practices.

Austin, TX
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