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Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

An on-demand vCISO is critical to protecting your sensitive data and keeping your cybersecurity strategy on track and in your budget.

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It’s hard to find and keep good security professionals, and many growing businesses can’t justify hiring a full-time CISO. But you expose your organization to risks such as ransomware or phishing attacks when these positions go unfilled. An outside vCISO can assess your security posture, look at policies and procedures and ensure your strategy and tools protect you.
Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) Services
vCISCO Build a Strong Cybersecurity Program
Protect Sensitive Data
Build a Strong Cybersecurity Program
Pinpointing vulnerabilities is hard. Developing a strong data protection program typically starts with a security assessment to find weaknesses, then leverages expert guidance to address process, procedure and technology gaps. With a knowledgeable vCISO who understands your industry, you can implement and drive a security strategy that protects your sensitive data for the long term.

Tangible Outcomes

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The rate of cyberattacks is increasing constantly. Avoid the lengthy and costly process of hiring an in-house CISO. You can protect your organization sooner and more efficiently by working with an outside vCISO who provides:


Collaborate with an external advisor who works alongside you like part of your internal team


Improve decision-making with advisory services on a short-term or long-term basis


Invest in expertise that aligns with your cost and time needs


Develop and execute a cybersecurity strategy alongside proven CISOs


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Depth of Expertise
Working with a vCISO who understands the security challenges specific to your industry provides greater peace of mind that your program can address your greatest risk areas – and does so more efficiently. Our vCISOs have a proven history of helping organizations in the following industries develop effective information security programs.
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Liam has more than 18 years of assurance and consulting experience, including 10 years with Big Four firms.

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