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Third-Party Assurance & Vendor Risk Management

Most organizations today rely on numerous third-party vendors, suppliers and partners. These relationships can add tremendous value to your organization but also add significant risk if not rigorously managed.

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Mitigate Third-Party Risk

Vendor security is more critical than ever, yet many companies still struggle to identify, assess and risk rank the partners that support their business. Handling risk management processes via emails and spreadsheets adds to the complexity of security assessments while reducing their effectiveness. An end-to-end vendor risk management program that leverages automation tools can give you the necessary insights to stay ahead.

In a reactive world, having hundreds of vendors’ security information scattered across spreadsheets makes identifying risks, such as who has access to sensitive data or is up for reassessment, extremely difficult. In a proactive world, you're able to locate, assess and track vendors through their entire lifecycle.

What We Do
Our Proven Methodology Provides You With Actionable Recommendations
Transform your business by continuously optimizing your existing third-party relationships through leading Data and Analytics solutions to ensure the effectiveness of your control environment.
Strategy Assess
Identify the core challenges and opportunities with your people, processes and technology
Strategy Analyze
Benchmark your organization against the industry and common business practices
Strategy Report
Offer new processes, systems and process flows
Strategy Recommend
Define the optimal future state of your business


Streamline and Secure Your Vendor Risk Management Controls

Technology and Services

Stay on the cutting edge with an industry-leading platform delivered by risk management and technology experts

Defined Workflow and Methodology

Compare vendors and leverage automated workflows for vendor intake, risk ranking and security assessments

See the Full Picture

Gather, store, query and report on vendor data and unlock insights previously stuck in spreadsheets

Remove Security Obstacles

Address the challenges that make business leaders sidestep security via a customizable vendor intake process

Depth of Expertise
The minutiae of third-party and vendor relationships can vary depending on the industry. A partner who doesn’t understand the complexities of your business could expose your organization to immense risk. Ensure that won’t happen by working with a team that has extensive industry knowledge.
Kevin Guy - Risk Assurance & Advisory
Kevin’s experience includes third-party compliance, internal audit, process redesign, and operations improvement.

Dallas, TX
Liam Collins - Partner, Audit - San Francisco CA | Armanino
Liam has more than 18 years of assurance and consulting experience, including 10 years with Big Four firms.

San Francisco, CA
Chris Spartz - Risk Assurance & Advisory| Armanino
Chris is a seasoned consultant recognized for thriving in complex global environments.

Dallas, TX
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