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Could you be leaving money on the table — and not even realize it? From royalty assessments to IP licensing, partnership evaluations and supplier analysis, contract compliance assessments help maximize your revenue while mitigating non-financial risk with critical business partners. Don't let an unexpected event derail your business outcomes. Apply an integrated, consistent approach to your third-party risk management.
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Our Approach
Get Objective Assessment of Your Third-Party Relationships
Relying on external vendor reports without robust contract management is dangerous. Continuous monitoring of your critical relationships allows you to implement third-party controls and financial processes to prevent risk and meet performance targets.

What We Offer

Suite of Services

From strategic alliances to merchandise sales, we combine our industry knowledge and deep audit experience with cutting-edge analytics to boost your bottom line.

  • Supplier & Vendor Compliance Assessments: Assess compliance with provisions of purchase agreements across the supply chain, such as most-favored customer clauses, cost plus, time and materials, conditional pricing or incentive arrangements.
  • Royalty, IP & Franchise Licensing Compliance: Recover revenues lost to inaccurate or incomplete self-reporting by licensees, strengthen licensing relationships, resolve contract interpretation issues and identify risk-mitigation opportunities.
  • Accounts Payable Disbursement Audits: Apply forensics data analytics for swift accounts payable audits that identify overpayments and investigate refund claims to protect your revenue.
  • Third Party Administrator (TPA) Audits: Evaluate the adjudication of healthcare claims to ensure compliance with plan rules and documents, review TPA performance against agreed-upon metrics while also identifying processing errors leading to recoverable overpayments.
  • Patient Support Programs Assessment: Perform assessments of third parties providing patient support programs (hubs, copay support, PA/ Appeals support, etc.). Review areas include quality, regulatory compliance, financial, performance, process, data protection/privacy, training, etc.
  • Ad Agency Contract Audits: Identify significant cost recoveries or other improvement opportunities by proactively monitoring media placements.
  • Joint Venture & Profit Participation Assessments: Examine joint venture financial statements, profit calculations and distribution data to ensure proper financial distributions.
  • Commercial Lease Assessments: Manage complex leasing agreements to recover landlord overbilling.
  • Entertainment Valuation Services: Determine fair market value of contracts, calculate equity ownership and benchmark your portfolios with objective valuations for media, sports and entertainment.
  • Litigation Support Services: Assist your legal team with expert witness and subject matter expertise related to the entertainment industry.
  • Distributor & Reseller Review: Strengthen your channel partnerships, eliminate gray market issues, boost incentives, maximize marketing funds and take full control of your channels and reporting.
What We Do
Build a Systematic Process to Preserve Your Third-Party Relationships
Maximize contract value with top-notch data analytics and hands-on expertise to streamline your management procedures and identify the revenue you may be missing.
Strategy Listen
Learn from impactful group sessions and focused stakeholder discussions
Strategy Assess
Identify challenges and seize opportunities with streamlined processes and technology
Strategy Analyze
Benchmark your organization against industry standards and best business practices
Establish a competitive advantage and execute your business roadmap with precision
Strategy Report
Unleash the potential of advanced processes, robust systems and streamlined workflows
Strategy Recommend
Forecast the future of your business based on its current state and goals
Depth of Expertise
Industry nuances dictate contract specifics. An informed advisor understands your business's complexities and relationships while safeguarding your interests. Secure your earnings. Choose audit experts who are deeply knowledgeable about your sector.

What Customers Are Saying

Kevin Guy - Risk Assurance & Advisory
Kevin’s experience includes third-party compliance, internal audit, process redesign, and operations improvement.

Dallas, TX
Darla Crain - Risk Assurance & Advisory | Armanino
Managing Director
Darla excels in royalty audits, business valuations, license assessments and litigation support.

St. Charles, MO
Chris Spartz - Risk Assurance & Advisory| Armanino
Chris is a seasoned consultant recognized for thriving in complex global environments.

Dallas, TX
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