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Joey has more than 15 years of experience with a focus on risk advisory and assurance. Prior to joining Armanino, he was a partner at Holtzman Partner and previously worked in Deloitte’s enterprise risk services practice. He also served as billings operations department manager at Green Mountain Energy. In 2012, his career took a major change when he became a pastor at his church, Hill Country Bible Church of Austin, first as the middle school pastor and then later transitioning to be the executive pastor of administration. In 2016, Joey decided that it was time to resume his career in public accounting and focused on internal controls and advisory practices. He enjoys collaborating with clients to ensure that their controls not only support the reporting of accurate financial information but are also optimized to increase business efficiency and reduce costs.

*Joey holds his interest in the firm through JPL IV Enterprises, PLLC

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Professional History


  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)


  • Hill Country Bible Church


  • Texas A&M University


  • Holtzman Partners
  • Deloitte
  • Green Mountain Energy
  • Hill County Bible Church


  • CPA Award Outstanding Candidate 2005

Speaking Engagements

  • IIA ISACA National GRC Conference, Nashville, 2017, “Auditing the Cloud: A Practical Approach”
  • IIA Allstars Conference, Vegas, 2018
  • Federal Reserve Board Department of Internal Auditors, Baltimore, 2017


Q. What was it that drew you to Armanino?
The culture is amazing. I love that Armanino is both entrepreneurial and innovative. Our industry is changing rapidly and if a firm does not have those traits, it will be left behind. Keeping up with the various tools, technologies, and methodologies can be challenging without making significant investments, so I was extremely excited about Armanino.
Q. Make a prediction; describe your vision of the future of the general business environment for your area of expertise or the industries you serve.
For my technology clients, I envision a future where they win their stakeholders trust through continuous, transparent, and real-time compliance audits powered by the next generation of real-time, AI-powered auditing technologies. Our clients develop groundbreaking technology every day; they deserve a customer experience that leverages equally groundbreaking technology.
Q. What is the toughest decision you have ever made?
The decision to leave my job in the professional world and go into ministry was by far the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. As a result of the conviction, I took over a 50% pay cut, sold my home, and changed the provisions I could give my family. Equally, when it was time to leave the ministry, it was just as hard.
Q. What keeps you up at night?
I often find myself wondering if I am investing enough time with my kids. I want to ensure I instill the right character traits so that they know how to make wise decisions when they are older. I want them to be leaders rather than followers. Most importantly, I want to teach them truth. 
Q. What’s your proudest moment?
My proudest moment was when I passed the CPA exam and received one of the 10 highest scores in the state of Texas that year.
Q. If you could pass on a nugget of wisdom to aspiring accountants or consultants, what would that be?
You need to understand the “why” behind what you are doing. It is easy to figure out what to do but understanding the “why” behind the bigger picture will challenge you and benefit you as you progress in your career. Take that understanding and learn how to apply it to different clients and different industries.
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