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As chief executive officer and managing partner, Matt focuses on firm-wide growth and bringing innovation to every part of the firm’s infrastructure in order to better create value and drive successful outcomes for clients. He leads the development of Armanino’s short- and long-term plans, including strategic partnerships, new solutions and services, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategy and integration.

He previously served as the firm’s chief operating officer, where he was responsible for all internal business functions. He was also integral to the success and explosive growth of the Consulting department, where he led six department-specific acquisitions, as well as new software partnerships, and introduced a deeper range of CFO solutions ― more than tripling the department’s revenues. He also served on the Executive Committee, where he contributed to the firm’s vision, growth strategy and infrastructure development.

Matt brings to his role extensive industry experience in corporate strategy, market development and sales, and service and operations management. Prior to joining Armanino, he held senior executive positions at Zebra Technologies (NASDAQ: ZBRA), where he led the enterprise solutions business, and WhereNet, where he led the firm’s growth from commercial product introduction to over $50 million in annual sales and profitability. He also spent several years at PeopleSoft, working on M&A, corporate strategy and strategic transactions, and he was a key business advisor to technology clients as a corporate attorney and litigator. In these positions, he negotiated multimillion-dollar global software license and purchase agreements with Fortune 500 companies, as well as a wide range of strategic business development and partnership transactions.

*Matt holds his interest in the firm through Matthew Armanino LLC

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Professional History


  • California Bar Association
  • Vice-Chair, Moore North America
  • Board Member, Moore Global Network


  • Santa Clara University
  • University of California, Santa Barbara
  • University of Budapest


  • Armanino LLP
  • Zebra Technologies
  • WhereNet
  • PeopleSoft


  • Managing Partner Elite, Accounting Today, 2023

Speaking Engagements

  • Moore Stephens International conference, 2018, Singapore, “The Transformation Revolution”
  • Armanino EVOLUTION conference, 2018, San Francisco, “CFO Evolution 2.0 Survey, Results for Transformation”
  • Armanino EVOLUTION conference, 2017, San Francisco, “CFO Evolution - Latest Benchmark Survey Results”
  • Moore Stephens International conference, 2014, Berlin, “Vision for the Future”
  • Intacct Advantage conference, 2012 and 2014, keynote address


Q. As CEO, what is your biggest focus?
Positioning Armanino for a future where we continue to be the most innovative and entrepreneurial firm that makes a positive impact on the lives of our clients, our people and our communities. As we grow and embrace change across our business, we must preserve a culture that is truly unique and a differentiator, and remain a change agent and leader in our industry. We must continue to attract and develop the best, most talented professionals, who are passionate about a future with unlimited new opportunities. This requires us to think big, challenge the status quo and look for ways that we can continually transform our business to enhance the value we deliver to our clients.
Q. The accelerating pace of change is impacting all organizations. How do you see Armanino evolving in the next few years?
Our goal is clear: to be our clients’ most valued and trusted partner in an uncertain and changing world. To accomplish this, we must have an unwaveringly client-centric approach to our business. The strength of our client relationships will determine the strength of our firm; this is our North Star. Creating value and successful outcomes for our clients is the most important measure of our success.
We must be entrepreneurial in our efforts to enhance our value and keep ahead of the pace of change. This means pursuing new opportunities without fear of setbacks. And innovation, especially as it relates to investing in and harnessing the value of technology, is the embodiment of our commitment to continuous improvement. We must also continue our strong focus on collaboration, so we can provide our clients with access to a full 360-degree set of solutions.
Q. You have a diverse background. What strengths does your experience add for the firm?
I’ve spent considerable time in professional services but also have been a technology entrepreneur. This has positioned me well for the opportunities we face as a firm and an industry. We’re living in a world where technology has become an incredible change agent. While many in our industry are fearful that their businesses are being disrupted by technology, my experience has taught me that this is an incredible opportunity to embrace change and adapt our business model in a way that increases our relevance and value proposition. The things that will drive our future success will build on, but in many cases be different than, the things that drove our past success. Our core accounting services are a wonderful foundation for our business, but today we also have positioned ourselves to be our clients’ go-to partner for a broader range of issues related to business and technology transformation. It’s been an exciting and natural progress of our client-focused and problem-solving approach. We are extremely fortunate to have the trust of our clients and relationships that position us to work with them on the new challenges and opportunities in this fast-paced, changing world.
Q. Who is (or was) the most influential person in your life
I’ve been lucky to have been influenced by many important people in my life, including my wife, family members and close friends. In particular, my father has been extremely influential. I admire him for his unwavering commitment to his family, his work ethic, his generosity and his strong sense of loyalty. I also admire my mother for her creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and joie de vivre. In my role as CEO, my brother Andy, who led the firm before me, has also had a massive impact on me. His principles and integrity created great clarity for those around him, and I seek to take the same approach. He taught me to focus on what’s right rather than who’s right – he’d always say, “Keep it simple, just do the right thing.”
Q. What’s your proudest moment?
In my personal life, the birth of my two sons, Nicholas and Justin. They are incredible and have added so much to my wife’s and my lives. At work, my proudest moment was becoming CEO of the business my father founded and my brother helped lead for so many years. It’s an unbelievable honor to work with so many talented staff people and partners every day, who share a common passion for helping our clients.
Q. What are some of your guiding philosophies?
My life and business philosophies are grounded in a belief that you can accomplish anything in life you truly aspire to. Basically, I am a huge believer in positive energy. I love being around positive people who have a “can do” attitude. When you assemble a team of wickedly smart, positive people who focus their collective energy on achieving a common goal, magical things can happen. I think that’s what we have done at Armanino.
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