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Mark Baumohl, CPA

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Think about client issues like they are your own issues.

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With over 35 years of public accounting experience, Mark serves high-net-worth individuals in estate planning, financial transactions, and the development of personal and business income tax strategies. He takes a personal approach to serving each client’s unique needs, and implements strategies and tools to help them minimize their taxes and administrative costs. He specializes in family tax planning, multi-generational and succession planning, trusts and estates.

Mark is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA). He graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Business Administration from Humboldt State University.

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Professional History


  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • California Society of Certified Public Accountants


  • Treasurer, OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center


  • California State University, Humboldt


  • Breslow, Loeb, Baumohl & Wall
  • Cohen, Bender & Wall
  • Bean, Stanhope, Storre & Wagner


Q. Without naming names, tell us about your favorite client and why you enjoyed working with them.
I do work for four generations of one family, and I’m also on the board of their closely held business. Helping the different family members reach an understanding and make informed decisions about tax and trust issues is very rewarding. I enjoy being part of their decision-making process, and they appreciate my work.
Q. What keeps you up at night?
Actually, I sleep pretty well once my head hits the pillow. Occasionally I think about the tax code ― it has gotten so complicated. I also think about our staff and how to make sure they are happy.
Q. Describe your work style.
Collaborative and easy going. I’m always willing to listen and learn, as well as be proactive and contribute. I like to teach and I make time for people―my door is always open.
Q. Who is (or was) the most influential person in your life
My wife. She is always so supportive and helps me see things from a different perspective.
Q. If you could pass on a nugget of wisdom to aspiring accountants or consultants, what would that be?
See your first years as an apprenticeship and learn your trade. Don’t take reviews personally, learn from them. They are meant to be educational. At the end of the day it’s all about client service, and to get there, you need to go through the learning process.
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