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Passion fuels effort, transforming work into remarkable accomplishments.

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Jason Latimer is a skilled Business Manager with a dynamic career trajectory that reflects his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results in the world of finance and investment. His journey began in the field of investor relations, where he served as a crucial link between real estate fund professionals and their valued clients, entrusted with managing their hard-earned investments. Through dedication and a skill for fostering strong relationships, Jason earned the trust and respect of business managers, paving the way for a remarkable transition into the realm of business management itself.

Jason’s thirst for innovation and continued growth led him to an exciting new chapter at Armanino, where he discovered a world of endless opportunities to thrive and provide unparalleled value to both the firm and its clients.

With a proven history of strategic financial management for the entertainment community, Jason excels in navigating intricate financial landscapes, offering tailored solutions that enhance the wealth and financial well-being of his discerning clientele. His expertise in financial analysis, tax planning, and wealth preservation strategies has established him as a trusted advisor to his clients. He consistently positions high net worth individuals for success.

Jason earned a B.S. in sociology and psychology from Emory University and an honorary degree in business administration from the University of London.

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Professional History


  • Emory University
  • University of London


  • Neuman + Associates
  • Fasbender & Associates
  • Anchor Loans
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