Healthcare Cost Report Preparation & Reimbursement Consulting

Meet federal and state cost reporting requirements and leverage predictive analytics for key reimbursement insights so you can stay focused on your patients and grow your organization.
Streamline Cost Report Preparation

Streamline Cost Report Preparation

Automate redundant processes, reduce manual work and increase accuracy

Gain Operational Insights

Gain Operational Insights

Analyze data to identify trends and opportunities to improve efficiency

Mitigate Compliance Risk

Mitigate Compliance Risk

Ensure regulatory adherence and minimize errors

Improve Future Reporting Efficacy

Improve Future Reporting Efficacy

Proactively anticipate obstacles and strengthen future decision-making

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are You Struggling to Keep Up With Regulatory Burdens?

If your organization must complete cost reports for a regulatory body such as CMS, you are likely facing these challenges:

  • Difficulty navigating ever-evolving federal and state regulations and reimbursement complexities
  • Huge amounts of paperwork and complex number-crunching that you just can’t get ahead of
  • Shortages of staff and resources for cost reporting, leaving you stretched too thin and vulnerable to risk

Stabilize Your Future

Take Charge of Your Reimbursement and Operational Efficiency

Explore our core suite of services to help you relieve the stress on your team, regain control of your operations and focus on what matters most: providing quality services to the people in your care.
Cost Report Preparation

Offload cost report preparation and get the assistance you need to better navigate the process, including dedicated expertise to help you:

  • Expedite your cost report preparation
  • Adopt a simplified cost reporting framework
  • Get a direct linkage between your cost report and audited financial statements
Cost Report Review

Breaking down prior year cost reports can offer insights into roadblocks that hindered your reimbursement in the past and help you pinpoint future opportunities for improvement. We can help you:

  • Identify coding inconsistencies that impacted previous cost reports
  • Better understand where costs were captured appropriately and where errors occurred
  • Determine reporting opportunities to better support your business and any possible appeals
Cost Reduction Analysis

Seeing cost by department and/or the total cost of the organization is a great way to review your overall operating effectiveness and better understand the factors that contribute to the success or failure of a service line. Our experts can help you cut unnecessary spending and develop strategies for better expense management, by working with you to:

  • Conduct an analysis of cost per unit by provider and payor source
  • Analyze your total revenue and costs on a per unit basis
  • Drill down to the specific area of your organization that is incurring the highest costs
  • Determine what is generating the greatest amount of net revenue and returns (financial and programmatic)
Peer Benchmarking Analysis

Our proprietary software can help you assess your organization’s performance, compare it to your peers and make better business decisions based on the data. We can compare your organization against:

  • Other organizations with the same NAICS code
  • Others with the same SIC code (U.S. only)
  • Similar organizations in your geographic area
Rate Review, Optimization and Appeals

When assembling your cost report, it’s also imperative to evaluate its potential impact. Depending on the type of rates that may be affected by the cost report, we will:

  • Project the impact the cost report will have on current and future rates
  • Provide suggestions for overspending in areas that impact your rate reimbursement where possible
  • Review your rate history and determine whether there are opportunities for corrections or appeals
Regulatory Compliance and Assessment

Healthcare and nonprofit organization complexities and ever-evolving regulations can make staying compliant increasingly complicated. During your cost report evaluation, we will:

  • Compare your current practices and compliance measures with the latest regulations and pinpoint gaps or areas of potential exposure and their impact on your organization
  • Uncover opportunities to keep your compliance program active and up to date
Predictive Analysis and Forecasting

Don’t leave your planning up to chance. By utilizing our predictive analytics and forecasting capabilities, you can strengthen your decision making and better anticipate problems and opportunities. Our experts can help you strategically leverage your data to:

  • Identify what-if scenarios and forecast their potential impact on your bottom line
  • Predict the effect of adding a service or line of business on your overall operations
  • Pinpoint areas for improvement to better protect your future reimbursement
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Healthcare Cost Report Preparation We Understand Your World – And Can Help You Navigate It
Depth Of Expertise
We Understand Your World – and Can Help You Navigate It
We know that preparing cost reports for regulatory bodies can be an overwhelming and confusing process. But we can ease the burden. Our depth of healthcare and nonprofit expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate your compliance needs with your organization’s distinct industry specifications and create a solution that helps you achieve your unique goals.

Methodology For Success

How We Help You Attain Reimbursement Knowledge and Insights

Our experts use a tailored, hands-on approach and apply predictive analytics to help you identify reporting problem areas, streamline cost reports and improve your future reporting performance.

Assess Pain Points

Our experts will assess your current state, identify your gaps and evaluate how forecasting and predictive analytics can meet your strategic objectives.

Create a Plan

We work with you to build a roadmap that highlights areas for improvement, analyzing your data and identifying opportunities to strengthen your broader operations.

Stay in Control

We help you empower your team to hold staff accountable to enhanced reporting processes, reap the benefits of predictive analytics and set your people up for sustained success.
What To Expect
We Go Beyond Just Basic Compliance
Our national team of experts has helped hundreds of leaders like you get usable reimbursement insights, improve operational efficiencies and drive sustainable growth.
Comprehensive Support
Comprehensive Support
We provide end-to-end cost reporting support so your team can focus on strategic initiatives and future-oriented efforts
Deeper Insights
Deeper Insights
Our predictive analytics and forecasting can help you discover operational insights and improve your future performance
Transformative Expertise
Transformative Expertise
Our team empowers you to create meaningful change for the long haul
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Optimize Your Cost Report Preparation Process

To learn more about overcoming compliance hurdles, enabling lasting change and setting your organization up for future success, reach out to our experts.