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Experiencing the Benefits and Challenges of Rapid Growth

There are opportunities to seize, big issues to address, and competition coming up behind you.
Growth Stage Rapid Growth
Complex Landscape

As Growth Accelerates, Your Needs Expand

Your business has made it through the precarious start-up stage and you find that you’re growing quickly. The focus is now on sales and market penetration and on dealing with a constant influx of pressing issues, each demanding time and money. You’re hiring new employees and establishing more formalized systems. Funding is still key to survival, so you’re constantly selling your vision to secure more.

The Direction

There is too much to do and your current team can’t do it all. Investments must be made—in people, in technology and in infrastructure. Effective processes must be put in place, together with management systems to oversee them. To sustain rapid growth, you need to focus on acquiring and retaining customers—quality control and customer service are becoming make-or-break issues. There are a host of regulations to follow, so compliance procedures must constantly be addressed.

The CFO Function

By now, you might or might not have a CFO—but the CFO function must be performed regardless. The CFO organization must move beyond accounting to concentrate on strategic issues the company is facing. Since you don’t have all the expertise you need in-house, you have to think strategically about how to fill the gaps. Key positions need to be filled with inside or outside resources. By partnering with the right people, you can ensure regulatory requirements are met, non-core competencies are outsourced and you’re ready for that first audit.

Effective CFOs think constantly about ways to drive new growth without adding new head count. Their minds are on new technologies that drive process improvements, which in turn produce more efficiencies with fewer resources. This includes a sharp focus on information systems that can facilitate smart decision-making.

Meeting Your Needs

As growth accelerates, your needs expand. Armanino can be a trusted advisor—whether we’re performing the CFO function or working in concert with your own CFO—providing services that become increasingly vital, the faster you grow. As the tax laws change, we can provide the expertise to help you adjust your tax strategy for maximum advantage.

In addition to the services needed during start-up, you might turn to us for any or all of the following:

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