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Revenue Recognition Management for Dynamics 365

Streamline accounting processes & manage complex revenue recognition, deferrals & reallocation with a fully integrated solution that ends reliance on spreadsheets.
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Product Solutions
Ease Compliance Requirements
Improve revenue visibility, reduce your compliance risks, and eliminate the challenges of complying with revenue recognition guidelines such as ASC 606.


Quick Highlights

Reduce Risk

Reduce the risks associated with spreadsheets and manual processes

Gain Visibility

Gain accuracy and visibility into revenue forecasts, revenue recognition and financial reporting

Rapidly Deployed

Benefit from a rapid deployment of best-in-class ERP functionality in Dynamics 365 and AX

Faster Close

Integrate best practice revenue management intelligence into ERP for timely revenue recognition and a faster close process
In Action

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Increase productivity through process automation, scalability and standardization.
Revenue Recognition for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Keeping all revenue recognition deferrals and recognition schedules in a tightly controlled, well-structured Dynamics database complies with revenue management best practices and will provide auditors with the confidence that you have established adequate controls over your revenue management policies and procedures. Armanino’s Revenue Management module was developed under best practice guidelines and is now included as part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations environment.

Realizing the Most Important Traits
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Determine the estimated selling price
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Identify essential vs. non-essential elements
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Revenue carve outs and reallocation
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Revenue deferral
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Timing and amount recognition
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Revenue amortization schedules
Simplifying Process
Built Directly in Dynamics 365

Revenue Recognition Management for Dynamics 365 is an ISV solution built directly in Dynamics 365. It simplifies the order entry process by allowing customer service representatives to enter, confirm, pick, pack, ship and invoice orders per their natural workflows, without requiring them to be revenue experts. The solution supports the utilization of sale pricing, discounts, trade agreements and promotions native to Dynamics, as well as importing orders and pricing from CRM.


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