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Dynamic Insights for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Transform your Dynamics ERP data into actionable insights that accelerate your company’s growth.
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Analytics Solutions
Analytics Solution
Clear Visibility Into Your ERP Data
Armanino built Dynamic Insights to help D365 Finance & Supply Chain (formerly Finance & Operations) and D365 Business Central users enhance their ERP systems.


Quick Highlights

Dynamic Insights’ enterprise analytics platform makes it easy to improve operational efficiency, strengthen company-wide collaboration and maintain data security and confidentiality. Drill across any data view within its Power BI dashboards or Excel-based reports. Your Dynamic Insights data always reconciles and balances to your Dynamics ERP, giving you total confidence in the data.


Out-of-the-box software that understands Microsoft Dynamics ERP data

In-Depth Analysis

Ability to analyze your general ledger (GL), budget information, sales, purchasing, AR and AP aging, inventory and fixed assets

GL and Subledger Unification

Ledgers brought together in a single data structure where subledger details are displayed in the context of the GL for auditing and analysis

Robust Inventory Insights

Dissect your inventory on-hand/available to sell, broken down by item, location, item quantity and item value

Enhanced Manufacturing

Summarize up across production orders to break down estimated/final variances by work center, items, scrapped items and actual production timelines

Powerful Dashboards

Power BI dashboards and Excel reports using pre-built data modeled for analytics


Clear Visibility

Using data from your existing ERP, CRM, legacy systems and other sources, Dynamic Insights creates easy-to-use dashboards and reports that give your team clear visibility into profitability and day-to-day operations.

Armanino's Dynamic Insights Architecture Overview
Realizing the Most Important Traits
Timely Implementation
Timely Implementation
Ready to go in less than 30 days
Clear Reporting
Clear Reporting
Allows key decision makers access to reports and insights across multiple business lines
Ease of Access
Ease of Access
Gives non-D365 users access to data for reporting analysis
Straightforward Interface
Straightforward Interface
Eliminates the need for IT assistance with easy-to-use dashboards and reports
Accounting Visibility
Accounting Visibility
Visibility across subledger and GL – see drilldown details
Flexible Data
Flexible Data
Ability to have data in or out of your ERP solution
Historical Insights
Historical Insights
Merge legacy data with current sales analysis for year-to-date or year-over-year analysis
Sales Forecasting
Sales Forecasting
Sales forecast out of CRM alongside sales orders and invoices with D365 ERP to deliver Forecast + Booking, Billing, Backlog reporting
Analysis Simplified
Strategic Insights

Designed for executive, sales and finance teams in all industries, our out-of-the-box dashboards deliver a clear view of key performance indicators to inform strategic business decisions that anticipate change and accelerate growth.

Seamless Integration

Accelerating Finance and Operations

By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems, the solution provides your business with reshaped data that accelerates financial and operational insights.

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