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Life Sciences Industries for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Reduce reliance on ancillary and disparate systems to support quality, compliance and regulatory needs, and get 95% functionality for ERP right out of the gate.
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Automation Solution
Robust ERP Capabilities
Our Life Science Industries for Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics AX) solution delivers robust ERP capabilities and extended functionality to help medical device, biotech, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers overcome critical challenges.


Quick Highlights

Increase Returns

Get shorter ERP implementation, resulting in faster ROI

Gain Compliance

Support discrete, lean, agile, process and mixed mode manufacturing, adhere to FDA, country and government compliance requirements and manage complex revenue recognition requirements

Integrate Seamlessly

Achieve seamless supply chain integration

Boost Accuracy

Boost forecast accuracy
Compile & Capture

Manufacturing Data Collection

Compile electronic device history records (eDHRs) or electronic batch records (eBRs) using manufacturing data collection to capture data such as the material batch/serial numbers, equipment used, pass/fail criteria and results, and quantity released.
ERP + Armanino for Life Sciences
Realizing the Most Important Traits
Life Science Industries for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Simplify
Simplify unique device identification (UDI) requirements
Life Science Industries for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Reports
Launch nonconformance reports and trigger investigations
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Apply sampling techniques to standard inspections
Life Science Industries for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Compliant
Keep equipment compliant with automated system alerts
Life Science Industries for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Track
Track & Store inventory in multiple units of measure
Life Science Industries for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Internal Audits
Generate internal audits and FDA-compliant signatures
Unprecedented Visibility

Creating an Environment of Improvement

The solution addresses critical needs while taking advantage of shorter implementation. And, users can generate reports that offer insight on processes and vendor performance. This creates an environment of improvement that helps pinpoint quality issues and trends, so you can quickly adjust operations.
Identify and respond swiftly to current or potential quality risks or customer complaints. Within the platform, you can launch non-conformance reports (NCRs), trigger investigations, and begin corrective and preventive action (CAPA). The system documents your steps throughout, which simplifies regulatory compliance. Our deep life science expertise and product investment has been recognized by Microsoft as a top featured industry solution.
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