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With rapid changes in state and local tax legislation, you need to ensure you comply with income tax requirements and uncover tax-efficient strategies.

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  • Income and Franchise Taxes - Our national State and Local Tax (SALT) team not only specializes in managing your ongoing multistate compliance, we also work diligently within the constructs of your business model to identify opportunities to improve the company’s state tax profile and maximize state tax efficiency in a manner that aligns with your operational goals and risk tolerance.
  • Gross Receipts Taxes - Gross receipts taxes often require multiple state tax filings throughout the year, in contrast to more traditional income or franchise taxes, which are typically filed annually. We can help you understand and comply with the intricacies of these requirements and draw upon our multistate tax experience to ensure that you pay only your fair share of tax, and not a dollar more.
  • Local Tax - Companies are often unaware of their local business tax filing requirements or unsure of how to properly follow the applicable rules. We’ll identify your local filing requirements, prepare accurate tax calculations, timely file required local tax returns and even defend your tax returns on audit.
Brandee A. Tilman - Tax | Armanino
Brandee brings over 20 years of experience in multistate corporate income tax, audit representation and much more.

Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Alex Thacher - Partner, Tax - San Jose, CA | Armanino
Alex is the National Practice Leader of Armanino’s State & Local Tax (SALT) practice.

San Francisco, CA
Pamela Huelsman - Tax | Armanino
A state and local tax expert, Pam is a consultant who helps clients navigate the national tax landscape.

St. Louis, MO
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