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Protect your data against increasingly sophisticated attacks, adhere to complex regulations and provide assurance to your partners.

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Data Privacy Services
Our Approach
Continuous Compliance
Customers need to trust that their data is safe in your hands — often requiring an independent, objective assessment. Access a holistic program that evaluates your controls, strengthens your internal processes and keeps you up to date with growing privacy regulations.
Data Privacy Deep Expertise
Deep Expertise
Cutting-Edge Tools
Cutting-Edge Tools
Data Privacy Assessments
Thorough Privacy Assessments
Data Privacy Global Strategies
Global Privacy Strategies
Data Privacy Efficient Privacy
Efficient Privacy Management
Data Privacy Training
First-Rate Training and Executive Coaching
Data Privacy CPO Advisory
Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) Advisory Services

Our Services

Stay Ahead of Challenges

Assess your current privacy posture using the framework that best fits your needs (NIST, ISO, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and more).
Third-Party Privacy Reviews
Verify that your vendors and partners are meeting their privacy obligations, using various frameworks (Microsoft SSPA, GDPR, CCPA and more).
Strategic Advice & Intelligence
Ensure efficient, cost-effective privacy compliance using a uniform approach to comply with multiple complex privacy laws worldwide.
Privacy Program
Use relevant frameworks (GDPR, CCPA, NIST and more) to create and implement a privacy program that best suits your business needs and plans.
Outsourced DPO/CPO
Outsource your data protection officer and chief privacy officer functions to global privacy experts.
Privacy Staffing Support
Ensure privacy compliance of your organization, products and services with qualified staffing support (including privacy engineers and privacy designers).
Ongoing Privacy Support
Get privacy support any time you need it.
Data Subject Rights Management
Save time responding to data subject requests by creating a customized and efficient data subject rights process.
Personal Data Breach Management
Create and maintain a robust personal data management program.
Privacy Coaching & Training
Help ensure privacy compliance by providing executive coaching (C-suite) and general privacy training (all levels) for staff and contractors.
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Vendor Data

Microsoft Supplier Security & Privacy Assurance (SSPA) Program

If you are a vendor or planning to sell your services or products to Microsoft, you should know that your company’s privacy and security practices are a priority to Microsoft. The SSPA program is intended to baseline data protection efforts for all vendors given access to Microsoft personal or confidential data.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Depth of Expertise
Data breaches and attacks develop constantly and target various industries differently. Working with a team that understands your organization’s greatest risk areas is critical to securing your data. Better protect your sensitive information by partnering with experts with a history of providing holistic solutions in an array of industries.
Liam Collins - Partner, Audit - San Francisco CA | Armanino
Liam has more than 18 years of assurance and consulting experience, including 10 years with Big Four firms.

San Francisco, CA
Mirena Taskova - Risk Assurance & Advisory - San Jose CA | Armanino
Managing Director, Head of Privacy
Mirena Taskova has over 15 years of wide-ranging privacy & cybersecurity experience

San Jose, CA
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6 Microsoft SSPA Compliance Considerations for Third-Party Service Providers
To avoid lost deals, businesses providing services to Microsoft suppliers need to follow Microsoft’s data privacy rules.

November 23, 2021
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