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Marketing & Sales

Two functions with similar goals: growth and recognition.

The Power of the Sales & Marketing Overlap

Gain a Competitive Advantage when Combining the Strengths of these Two Powerhouse Departments.

Often, companies tend to separate marketing and sales departments, both having clearly different methods of conducting business. However, organizations that recognize the critical areas of overlap of sales and marketing may receive the added benefit that comes by combining these two functions together. It’s important to note, both sales and marketing have the same end goal -- revenue growth – and finding ways for one to leverage another becomes a value commodity for both.

Although there is overlap, the two functions certainly have their own objectives when it comes to meeting the larger growth goal. For instance, in marketing, the main objectives are to create awareness, build engagement, assist in lead conversion and increase client value. Whereas sales’ objectives may be to further qualify a lead, create a personal relationship, close a sale and help in retaining a client. Marketing can achieve many of its objectives through automation and technology tools that assist in an overarching and widespread message; whereas, sales relies less on a larger outreach and more on personal connections through networks and other channels. However, both these functions view the client as a relationship that must be nurtured in order to be acquired.

Services for Marketing & Sales

Armanino can help a company convey the distinctiveness of its service or product in a manner that resonates with the unique needs of its target market. Using our media division AMF Media Group, we have authored strategic marketing plans for companies by determining their brands’ key attributes and differentiators, then creating compelling, relevant marketing strategies that engage target audiences. With the right brand messages in place, combining the efforts of marketing with sales can boost alignment and truly make a difference to your company's results.
Marketing Services Branding
Branding & Marketing
Create compelling, relevant marketing strategies that engage your audience
Marketing Services Public relations
Public Relations
Drive perception, fuel visibility, and position your brand for success
Marketing Services INternal Communications
Internal Communications
Craft, package and deliver the right messaging inside your company
Web & App Development
Integrate design elements, text and data for the delivery of optimized web pages
Marketing Services Video Production
Video Production
Produce product videos, commercials, learning and development films and more
Marketing Services Crisis Communication
Crisis Communications
Identify potential areas of risk, implement preventative steps and be response ready
Marketing Services Events
From script to hors d’oeuvres, achieve and deliver a high impact event
Marketing Services Digital Serives
Digital Services
Layer a variety of digital tactics at the appropriate time in the campaign cycle
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