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To enable scalable growth, public companies of all sizes require highly personalized solutions to their complex audit, tax, risk and technology challenges.
Deep Expertise
Solving Today’s and Tomorrow’s Challenges
Whether you’re a mature enterprise, a high-growth mid-market company or are preparing to go public, you need trusted advisors who understand your business and will craft solutions to your challenges today as well as tomorrow.
200+ Public Company Clients
200+ Public Company Clients
Working alongside businesses in over 19 industries
20+ Years Advising and Auditing SEC Registrants
20+ Years Advising and Auditing SEC Registrants
Building more efficient processes and eliminating unnecessary reviews
Deep Experience Converting from Private to Public
Deep Experience Converting from Private to Public
Effectively achieve your goals and meet key milestones on the journey to IPO

Personalized Solutions

Hit Your Growth Targets

Your compliance and operational ecosystem becomes more complicated as your company matures. To reach that next growth milestone, you need to build more efficient, sustainable and insightful business practices and strategies. Whether it’s legal guidelines requiring independent, third-party services or lack of internal resources, realizing your goals may demand a trusted partner with a tailored approach, including:

  • Client-Centric Methodologies – Whiteboard strategies to build a roadmap that addresses your specific needs and empowers decision making
  • Integrated Services – Examine the whole of your people, processes and technology to break down departmental siloes that inhibit efficiency
  • Scalable Offerings – Utilize technologies and strategies that streamline processes and can be modified quickly as business needs shift
Extensive Services
Public Company Offerings

As your industry and regulatory challenges evolve, our expert team is ready to work alongside you in a myriad of ways to help you reach your next stage, including:

SEC Services IPO Readiness
Prepare Now
IPO Readiness
Taking your company public is a complex, time-intensive process. A filing error can extend your timeline — costing your stakeholders money or hurting your business’s long-term prospects. To comply with necessary SEC requirements on day one, you need to understand how to act like a public company now.
Matt Perreault - Audit | Armanino
Matt has more than 30 years experience and is a recognized expert in Revenue Recognition, Complex Debt vs Equity issues.

San Ramon, CA
Matt Fricke - Tax| Armanino
Matt has over two decades of experience providing tax expertise to technology and life sciences clients.

San Jose, CA
Brandee A. Tilman - Tax | Armanino
Brandee brings over 20 years of experience in multistate corporate income tax, audit representation and much more.

Downtown Los Angeles, CA
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January 13, 2023
Top 100 SaaS Companies Survey 2022
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Our 2022 SaaS survey provides a useful gauge on how your organization compares in your cost capitalization.

October 13, 2022
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