ERP Journey: ERP Evaluation & Selection

August 15, 2023 | 01:00 PM - 01:30 PM PT

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This webinar is approximately 30 minutes of viewing time.

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ERP Selection: How to Choose the Right System for Your Business

Learn how to choose an ERP that will scale alongside your business.

Are you researching an ERP system and wondering if it's a good fit for your organization?

Join experts from Armanino and Brandt Kucharski, Ethos CAO and former CAO of Grubhub, for the first webinar in our ERP Journey series: ERP Evaluation & Selection. Learn how to select the right solution to align with your business processes, and hear tips on evaluating vendor reputation, scalability and support.

Learning Objectives:

  • Answer common concerns when selecting an ERP system
  • Determine how to align ERP requirements with your business goals
  • Review tips and tricks for conducting ERP research, comparing options and involving stakeholders


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