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With extensive experience in client advisory and operations, Cody Page serves as the head of Armanino's Transformation team. In this role, Cody focuses on the execution of strategic and transformational initiatives, as well as mergers and acquisitions at scale.

Cody's expertise in strategic architecture enables him to manage interdependencies and coach teams to ensure the firm's success in a data-driven future. He works closely with leaders and stakeholders across Armanino to align and build teams, processes, and systems.

Cody leads several of Armanino's teams and initiatives, including M&A integration, offshore shared services design and build, organizational change management, and digital product and platform development. He also serves as an executive sponsor for Workday PSA.

Before serving as Armanino's Transformation leader, Cody played a key role in scaling the firm's Tax team, doubling its revenue and transforming it into a national multispecialty practice. Cody's background, interests, and values have shaped his approach to leadership, and he is deeply committed to driving growth and change at Armanino.

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Professional History


  • Peterson Sullivan LLP
  • Point B
  • Expeditors International


  • Western Washington University


Q. What was it that drew you to Armanino?
Armanino is very different, and it was those differences that led me here. I loved the vision of the leadership, the growth and the general direction the firm was going, all of which are atypical in public accounting. Personally, I was aligned with the values of the firm and its leadership. Entrepreneurialism and the opportunities generated by growth resonated with me.
Q. What do you predict the future will look like in how we serve our clients?
The old way in accounting is to ship data back and forth between a client’s ecosystem and our own. We’re looking to a future where we have a platform and emulate tech companies in the way we manage everything through one system. I see us becoming even more client-centric and influencing clients in a positive way by becoming embedded in their teams and using technology to get to the heart of an organization.
Q. Describe your work style.
Results-focused and empowering. I enjoy pushing people to excel and coaching them to achieve more. 
Q. What’s your proudest moment?
It’s been incredibly gratifying to see my daughters, at a very young age, develop a sense of purpose and strength. It makes me proud knowing that despite the crazy world we live in, they’ll have the tools, drive, grounding and strong sense of self to tackle anything that comes their way in an uncertain future.
Q. Who is (or was) the most influential person in your life?
My dad taught me the value of building relationships, and as an entrepreneur and business owner, he modeled for me the real definition of grit and resilience.
Q. What do you love most about your work?
As the head of our Transformation & Practice Excellence group, I am hyper-motivated and driven, and it forces me to be strategic and think several steps ahead and work backwards from there. I like the challenge of building a business within a business and helping clients with outside-the-box strategies.
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