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Project Management & Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 CRM

Create tasks and milestones and generate dynamic, customer-facing reports that are fully editable and let you choose the level of detail to share with your client.
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Product Solution
Streamline Project Tracking
Using Armanino's Project Management & Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 CE (and prior versions of Dynamics CRM), you can bypass the time-consuming task of setting up complex projects.


Quick Highlights

Quick Start

Set-ups and tracks in less than 5 minutes, no additional infrastructure required

Edit Friendly

Data is fully editable at any time

User-Friendly Visibility

Complete visibility for time, resources and forecasting of project scope, hours and timelines all using a user-friendly interface

Cost Conscious

Lower total cost of ownership than traditional project management solutions
Tracking Insights

Improve Project Efficiency

Dashboards show where staff resources are open, at or over maximum capacity. Begin tracking a project in minutes and use Outlook calendar appointments to track billable and non-billable time and project notes. Each project entry is recorded and auditable within Dynamics CRM, and offers insight into budget vs. actual.
Armanino Time & Project Tracking for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Realizing the Most Important Traits
Project Management & Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 Automate
Automate the creation of editable project status reports
Project Management & Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 Record
Record notes associated with time entries
Project Management & Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 Create Project
Create project tasks, milestones and milestone dependencies
Project Management & Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 Tracking
Use Microsoft Outlook to track billable and non-billable time
Project Management & Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 Resource
Create resource availability and billing forecast dashboards
Project Management & Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 Reporting
See budget vs. actual reporting
Continual Improvement

Avoid Massive Infrastructure & Time Investments

Armanino’s Project Management & Time Tracking for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect solution for companies that want to avoid the massive infrastructure and time investments required by standard project management software. It allows you to improve the allocation of resources, cut cost of ownership and tap into dynamic opportunities to connect customers with products.
The Project Management & Time Tracking solution works with older versions of Dynamics CRM and gives you the ability to create and monitor tasks and milestones, generate fully editable customer-facing reports, and choose the level of information clients receive, while offering knowledge about project status. It tracks time at the task level, which can be rolled into the overall project accounting.
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