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Dynamics GP Banking Integration - AP Connect

Armanino's Dynamics GP AP Connect brings best-in-breed solutions and convenience to your payment process.
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Automation Solutions
Automation Solution
AP Connect for Wells Fargo Payment Manager® as well as Dynamics GP
AP Connect is built directly into Dynamics GP, so there are no external applications or integrations.


Quick Highlights

Vendor Flexibility

With AP Connect, you choose the vendors you want Wells Fargo to pay, along with the type of payment. You run your normal AP check process to create a file in the right format for uploading to Wells Fargo

Leverages Dynamics

The system leverages the Dynamics GP payment process. Once the payments are posted, the AP Connect export window is used to create the file. The standard GP inquiry windows have been modified to include payment type and drill downs for each payment batch

Easy to Use

AP Connect works in conjunction with the standard GP check process. We leverage the GP vendor EFT Setup window for ACH wire payments, using familiar windows and data you may already have for your vendors
Straightforward Integration

Automated Payment Export

Are you a Wells Fargo business banking client using Wells Fargo Payment Manager® as well as Dynamics GP? Are you looking for the most straightforward way to enter payables into Payment Manager? If so, AP Connect automates the export of payments, including ACH transfers and wires, from Dynamics GP in the exact format required for uploading to Wells Fargo via their Payment Manager service.
AP Connect for Wells Fargo Payment Manager and Dynamics GP
Realizing the Most Important Traits
Check Icon
Next day check
Domestic ACH transfers
Domestic ACH transfers
Dynamics GP AP Connect Wire
Domestic wire
CCER/Commercial credit card
CCER/Commercial credit card
International ACH transfers
International ACH transfers
Dynamics GP AP ConnectInternational Wire
International wire transfers
Dynamics GP AP Connect Analytical
Analytical accounting
Dynamics GP AP Connect Merkorma
Merkorma and multi-entity management

Program Options

Payment Type Supported
  • Next Day Check
  • Domestic ACH
  • USD Wire
  • Next Day Check
  • Domestic ACH
  • USD Wire
  • Commercial Card CCER
  • International ACH
  • International Wire
Company Size
  • Single
  • Multi-Entity
Currency Type
  • USD ($)
  • Multi-Currency
Checkbook Quantity
  • Single
  • Multiple
3rd Party Compatibilty
(Mekorma / Mem / Binary Stream)
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