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Dynamics 365 Project Construction Accounting

Enabling better tracking and management of all construction projects
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Product Solutions
Construction Solution
Armanino's Project Construction Accounting module within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations equips you with the tools to stay on top of your production financial management needs and your customers’ billing requirements.


Quick Highlights

Deeper Insights

Better tracking and management of construction projects

Key Metrics Reporting

Key financial performance indicator reporting on a timely basis

Increased Collaboration

Connects finance and operations

Realizing the Most Important Traits
Dynamics 365 Project Construction Accounting Job Cost Estimation
Production job cost templates for common jobs and customers
Dynamics 365 Project Construction Accounting Automating Tasks
Automate repetitive and menial tasks
Dynamics 365 Project Construction Accounting Integrate Cost
Integrate your job cost estimation process into your project budgeting
Dynamics 365 Project Construction Accounting Monitor, Track Changes
Monitor and track changes, by job, to your estimated cost-to-complete totals
Dynamics 365 Project Construction Accounting Transfer Cost Estimates
Transfer updated cost estimates easily to the project forecast and budget
Dynamics 365 Project Construction Accounting Streamlined Invoicing
Streamline the invoicing process, with automated AIA form billing capabilities
Dynamics 365 Project Construction Accounting Customized Billing
Customized billing worksheet templates for your customers
Dynamics 365
Project Construction Accounting

The financial management of a construction firm is challenging. It requires close coordination between finance and operations teams and the ability to bill in conformity with differing customer requirements, track job cost estimate changes and produce timely key financial performance indicator reporting.


Choosing the Right Partner

Armanino’s unique IP integrates with your existing software solution to help create customized modules specific to your needs. We understand the finance management system needs of a construction company because we understand your business. You can rely on your Microsoft Dynamics solution running efficiently and effectively because our Microsoft certified experts have extensive experience implementing and managing the Microsoft Dynamics platform for organizations in your industry.
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