Understand Performance

Leverage Data as an Asset

With extensive, accurate data leading the decision-making process, you can take advantage of trends before your competitors.
Leveraging Data as an Asset
Move Beyond Today
Foster a Data-Driven Culture
You can’t predict tomorrow, but it’s clear that every company will have to use more data to make faster decisions and enable business insights that drive growth by:
Reducing Fraud Risk
Reducing Fraud Risk
Automate the detection of patterns and flagging of anomalies
Benchmarking Your Performance vs. Peers
Benchmarking Your Performance vs. Peers
Track key metrics to see where you’re excelling and lagging against competitors
Streamlining Operations
Streamlining Operations
Improve supply chain efficiency and employee productivity
Understanding Customer Needs and Behaviors
Understanding Customer Needs and Behaviors
Analyze purchasing data to better align your offerings with customers’ desires
Enhancing Forecasting Abilities
Enhancing Forecasting Abilities
Access more information about past performance to predict future trends
Prepare for the Data Revolution: It’s a Data-Driven World, Are You Ready to Compete?
White Paper
Prepare for the Data Revolution: Are You Ready to Compete?
Have you considered your business's data strategy? Evaluate how to build an effective program with this key guide.

Execution Models

The Foundation of Digital Transformation

Your people, processes and technology are the essential components in keeping pace with the latest innovations. Capitalizing on your data through a holistic deployment of these elements can be achieved in three ways.

Data & Analytics

Unlock deeper, quantifiable performance insights.

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Actionable Reporting

Use your data to build more informed strategies.

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Self-Service & Interactive Visualizations

Create a data story that resonates with key stakeholders.

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Utilize Tools That Promote Better Outcomes
Amplify Capabilities
Utilize Tools That Promote Better Outcomes

Extracting the full value of your data may feel overwhelming, but there is an array of solutions that can help you jumpstart your data strategies, improve their efficacies and merge them into your business technology platforms to help you realize process improvements.


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Coleman Research Group Uses Armanino Apps to Help Launch Hybrid Work Model for a Safe, Efficient Return to the Office
Case Study
Company Launches Hybrid Work Model for Return to the Office

Armanino’s back-to-work apps help Coleman Research Group's global offices reopen and support new hybrid work model.

Noah Kluge - Senior Manager, Audit - San Ramon CA | Armanino
Senior Manager
Noah has 15 years of business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing experience.

San Ramon, CA
John Stewart - Consulting| Armanino
John leads the Strategy & Transformation practice, providing management consulting and advisory services.

El Segundo, CA
Lauren Renninger - Consulting| Armanino
Senior Manager
Lauren supports clients by acting as a product owner and business analyst for the Business Analytics & Automation team.

Downtown Los Angeles, CA
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