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Within an ecosystem of publishers, media agencies, ad networks and exchanges you need innovative tools and ideas to make it to your next growth milestone event and to stay competitive.

Our Approach

Keep Evolving in a Complex Industry

Digital media organizations at every growth stage, from startup to public companies, need personalized services built on collaboration, industry expertise and the ability to leverage the latest technologies to help you navigate your unique industry.

Our digital media experts work alongside you to help your company achieve sustainable growth. Whether it’s carrying out audit reviews that focus on your key risk areas, identifying tax savings opportunities, supplementing your workforce with experienced professionals or implementing the technology tools you need to improve productivity.

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Streamline Processes

Expand your business technology stack to reduce redundancies

Increase Efficiency

Focus on your core business by outsourcing key back-office positions

Improve Data and Information

Implement KPIs, business intelligence tools and effective privacy controls

Guidance to Your Next Milestone

Consult on valuations, IPOs/SPACs or your preferred exit strategy

What We Do
Utilize Best-in-Class Solutions to Navigate Every Growth Stage
Technology Industry Advisory Services
Streamline operations to free up time to spend on strategic goals
Technology Audit
Evaluate high-risk areas like revenue recognition and 10Q prep, work alongside you to complete your review efficiently
HealthTech Industry Business Applications
Seamlessly incorporate a holistic technology stack strategy in your plans for growth
Technology Industry Crypto Services
Crypto & Digital Assets
Specialized services and products for digital asset owners, miners, stakers and crypto-curious companies
Technology Industry DataVue
Achieve digital transformation through tools that streamline processes and scale with you
Technology Industry Outsourcing
Leverage your internal team for value-added tasks and keep your finance and HR processes running smoothly
Technology Risk Assurance
Develop secure controls, mitigate cybersecurity risks and maintain compliance for SOC, SOX and ISO regulations
Technology Industry Strategy
Structure long-term roadmaps, addressing people, processes and technology, for sustainable profit and growth
Technology Tax
Identify savings opportunities like R&D credits, comply with local and global regulations and plan for IPOs
Digital Media
Masters of Disruption
Learn how you can boost market value and achieve sustainable growth in the ever-changing digital media industry through a trusted partnership.
Jonathan LaMantia - Audit | Armanino
Jonathan has more than 10 years of public accounting experience and over two years of private accounting experience.

Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Tom Brunton, CFO Advisory, Armanino
Tom is a forward-thinking business consultant who offers Financial Management services that help companies grow.

Dallas, TX
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