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Simplifying the Charitable Registration Process

Meet your state compliance obligations and limit risk without placing additional burdens on your nonprofit organization.

A Better Way

Lose the Complications

Keeping up with evolving registration requirements can create a drain on your resources. But miss one deadline or overlook the need to register before receiving donations in a single state, and you could incur steep IRS and state penalties that negate your fundraising efforts – or worse. Let our charitable registration experts eliminate the hassle and the risk, so you can focus on your mission.
What Gets You In Trouble With Attorneys General? Failing to Register Your Nonprofit
What Gets You In Trouble With Attorneys General?
One of the quickest ways to raise the ire of a state attorney general is to drop the ball on charitable solicitation registration.
Key Benefits
Keep Your Focus on Fundraising
Fundraising is a critical tool to help you advance your nonprofit’s mission. But do you have a complete understanding of where and when you’re required to register (and “un-register”)? Soliciting donations legally demands constant attention to ever-changing rules that vary by state. Our charitable registration experts help you:
Stay on top of evolving state rules and regulations
Never miss an initial registration or renewal deadline again
Watch for fundraising activities that could trigger new registration needs
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Help Your Organization Thrive
Working with multiple providers can add extra costs and complexity that you just don’t need. Leave the unnecessary hassle and expense behind and find comprehensive help for all your charitable registration, tax reporting and nonprofit advisory needs.
Katy Brown - Tax| Armanino
Katy leads the Nonprofit Tax practice, a team of experts who work with tax-exempt organizations of all types.

San Francisco, CA
Jennifer Vacha 1
Jen has more than 20 years of experience, specializing in nonprofit, individual and small business returns.

St. Louis, MO
Matt Petroski, Partner, Tax - Armanino
Matt is a nonprofit tax specialist who works with exempt organizations in a variety of capacities.

San Ramon, CA
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