Foundation Management

Making the Greatest Impact with Foundation Dollars

Private foundations require unique support — from initial setup to ongoing operations and management.
Foundation Management

Offering Benefits

Getting the Most for your Foundation

Making the greatest impact with your philanthropic dollars requires balancing multiple objectives — from grantee selection and interaction to maximizing investment earnings and complying with complex reporting and disclosure rules. With decades of experience serving private foundations and other charitable ventures, our nonprofit experts help ensure your legacy continues for generations to come.
CPAs With a Passion for Foundations
Navigating the sea of foundation accounting and reporting requirements takes a steady, experienced hand. Not only do we make sure you are in a strong financial position today, we go deeper. Are you on track to meet distribution requirements? Do you have an investment policy? Are manual processes pulling you away from higher-value functions? Are you engaging in self-dealing transactions and don’t even know it? Our proactive guidance will help you keep meeting your grantmaking goals for years to come.
Technology Designed to Enable Your Philanthropy
We utilize a fully functional accounting system, complete with electronic document workflows and electronic signatures, ensuring best-in-class document retention and accounting. We also utilize an optimized grants management system and provide a database of U.S charities for you to explore should you need inspiration for a future grant. Finally, all our technology is aggregated to a simple dashboard so you can easily view the current status of your foundation.
Outsourced Foundation Services
Keeping up with the many moving parts of establishing and managing a foundation — from bookkeeping and grants management to compliance with complex IRS reporting rules — takes time that you could be spending on your philanthropic mission. But you don’t have to manage it all on your own. We remove the worry and hassle with a customized package of outsourced foundation services, freeing you up to focus on the reasons you started the foundation in the first place.
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Setting Your Foundation Up for Success

Managing a successful foundation entails a series of critical decision points, starting with the moment you consider whether forming a foundation is right for you. From initial structuring, to modernizing and integrating technology for maximal mission effectiveness, to aligning your investment strategy with your philanthropic objectives and forming a communications plan showing how your foundation dollars are moving the needle, our nonprofit advisors have the experience and expertise to inform your decision-making.

We can help you alleviate the administrative burden of managing your private foundation, so you can get back to focusing on what you love most — your mission.

Mike Boulton - Partner, Audit - San Jose CA | Armanino
Mike is a partner who provides assurance and technical accounting consulting services.

Irvine, CA
Ken Teasdale - Partner, Audit - Woodland Hills CA | Armanino
Ken is an audit partner responsible for audit, review and compilation engagements.

Woodland Hills, CA
Eric Thomas - Partner, Consulting - San Ramon CA
Eric is a Consulting partner with more than 20 years of experience serving nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

San Ramon, CA
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