Maximizing Your Exit Panel Discussion (Part 1): Private Equity Perspectives

November 2, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PT

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Get exclusive access to insights from experienced private equity execs.

What does selling to a private equity firm practically look like?

Deciding to sell your business is a major decision that requires careful consideration and thorough preparation for the best outcome. Expert advice is crucial during this time. Such guidance provides insight that will assist in navigating the complex process effectively.

Get valuable insights on what PE firms look for when buying a business, the due diligence process, and the post-acquisition strategies to enhance and improve the business. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of how PE firms operate in the exit process!

This panel discussion will give you the inside scoop on what to expect in the first 100 days and first year post-sale and how PE firms look to help improve a business once they acquire it.

In this webinar, we'll:

  • Describe the key criteria for PE firm acquisition
  • Understand the due diligence requirements and processes involved when a PE firm evaluates the acquisition of a PHB
  • Explain how PE firms work to enhance and improve a PHB once they acquire it


  • Bryan Graiff, Partner, Armanino
  • John Huhn, Managing Partner, Compass Group
  • Tom Mingo, Founding Partner, ArchStar Capital
  • Sean Healy, VP of Business Development, Keswick Partners
  • Chase Meyer, Partner, McCarthy Capital

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