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360 Solutions Crisis Management
Disruption at Work
Pandemic-Driven Solutions
The COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest disruption to modern-day businesses, so ensuring proper management of it becomes vitally important to assess and react to the impact it has caused and continues to cause. The following solutions help ease some of the burden of the disruption.
Is Your HR Team Prepared for the New Normal?
Video Series
Is Your HR Team Prepared for the New Normal?
To help employers understand the intricacies of these HR challenges, Armanino's experts have created a video series discussing the most important issues in the market and how to resolve them as organizations get ready to return to work.
Return to Work Resource Center
Getting Back to Work
Return to Work Resource Center
As your organization plans how to adjust to the new normal, you face a copious number of business decisions on when and how to reopen workplaces while still ensuring the safety of your employees, customers and greater community. There are many unknown variables to contend with, and navigating these situations effectively requires a specific knowledge base and set of resources.
PPP Loan Forgiveness Support Program
Staying in Business
PPP Loan Forgiveness Support Program
PPP loan forgiveness is not a simple, uncomplicated process. In fact, it will be much more onerous than the PPP application process itself. Calculations are complex and the supporting documentation needs to be thorough, tied out and easily understood by bank underwriters.
Navigate Your Business to its New Normal
White Paper
Navigating to the New Normal
Keeping your business running through typical disruption is challenging, but when faced with a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, it seems insurmountable. Whatever your path to your new normal looks like, you may find yourself in some or all of the five stages outlined in this white paper. Each phase has its own set of challenges and opportunities but can be overcome.
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