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Dealing With the Unknown

As your organization plans how to adjust to the new normal, you face a copious number of business decisions on when and how to reopen workplaces while still ensuring the safety of your employees, customers and greater community. There are many unknown variables to contend with, and navigating these situations effectively requires a specific knowledge base and set of resources.

Our army of HR, operations, finance and accounting professionals can provide a suite of people policies, operations support, tax services, business planning and communication strategies that can be custom tailored for your unique case. Within our solutions, we focus on three key aspects to prepare your organization to return to work:

  • Workplace readiness – Data, along with coherent policies derived by local guidelines, should guide when to reopen.
  • Employee wellness – Track employee wellness to instill confidence in the workforce and safeguard customers.
  • Execution – Technology supplies the tools to facilitate the implementation of safe workplace practices.

To assist you through decision making and return to work processes, we created a set of business strategy and technology solutions. These resources outline the data you need to make more informed decisions regarding when and how to return to work, including:


Return to Work Tech

Tools such as our COVID-19 Recovery Tracker and COVID-19 Return to Work App that enable you to mitigate the risks involved in manually monitoring the health of employees and customers, while also providing efficient and data-rich resources to help you move forward with a safe return to work process.

Resources available:


Return to Work Communications

Strategy and support that enhances communications between staff, suppliers and customers before going back to the workplace and in the event that everyone must go home again, and provides updates on policies that adhere to CDC and local guidelines.

Resources available:


Return to Work Policies

Workplace and HR policies for work from home agreements, health tracking, management training and support for new procedures, workplace safety agreements and systems, travel policies, managing family and sick leave standards, and employee retention credit (CARES Act) monitoring and execution.

Resources available:


Return to Work Operations

Day-to-day management and advisement on company privacy policies, workplace visitation standards, tax implications of the changing work environment, insurance policy reviews and verification, rent and lease relief and negotiations, and vendor negotiations.

Resources available:

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