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Supporting Our Clients During Necessary Conversations on Social Change
by Matt Armanino
July 16, 2020

The start of 2020 has brought an influx in conversation around social change. Typically, those conversations are limited to our local communities, families and personal engagement in activities to evoke change such as protests and grassroots campaigns. But recent crises – COVID-19, the killing of George Floyd and other significant events – have forced all of us to live in atypical times. And while these events have been challenging to grapple with, we believe they have also presented a very real opportunity for growth and positive change. Businesses, from your local bakery to your most trusted advisors, are no longer comfortable remaining complacent or staying silent amidst the social change that needs to happen in our world today.

From these conversations, we've benefitted from unique expertise on our team, and those experts have offered to not only continue helping our firm on this journey, but to help our clients navigate uncertainty. And in speaking with our clients and understanding what matters most to them, we think there are two core areas where we can lend our support – internal and external communications. We know many of you are grappling with question such as:

  • How do we respond to current events?
  • What is our role or responsibility?
  • How do we interact with our employees and our clients?
  • What should be our plan going forward?

We've setup a resource page to explain how our experts, my fellow Partners at Armanino – Larry Hancock, Vintage Foster and Jenn McCabe – can help you start working through these questions and more. They bring more than 40 years of collective experiences in areas such as executive communications, facilitation, strategic planning and human resources management. But they've also dealt with diversity and inclusion concerns on their professional and personal journeys. Each one has a unique story they can share if you're willing to listen. And I know they will become an invaluable support team for you as you navigate the many challenges ahead.

In closing, I believe that the current pandemic and social unrest will be noted as seminal events. Will you work with your team and your clients by listening, understanding and encouraging those around you to have the courage to share their experiences and plans for change? I hope so. Because how we, as leaders, respond to these events will play a significant part in our legacies. And my team and I are here to walk hand-in-hand with you as we work through these unprecedented times of change. I look forward to all of us leveraging what influence we have to create opportunities for a better, more diverse and more equal world in the future.

Let's continue to do the right thing.


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